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TRIAL #1185
Date: 1910/6/13; Reels(s): 155.
Defendant(s): Clenen Bishop, Sex: M; Joseph Cohen, Sex: M; Erving V. Dwyer, Sex: M; Arthur G. Dwyer, Sex: M; Solomon Frankel, Sex: M; Charles T. Hawk, Sex: M; Pauline Jacobs, Sex: F; Charles R. Jewell, Sex: M; David A. Jewell, Sex: M; Abraham Kassel, Sex: M; James N. Norris, Sex: M; E. Maury Posey, Sex: M; Louis J. Schwab, Sex: M; William W. Smith, Sex: M; Charles Thatcher, Sex: M; Samuel Werner, Sex: M; Charles Werner, Sex: M; Charles Westerberg, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Conspiracy;
Judge: Whitman;
Defense Attorney(s): William Travers Jerome;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): William A. DeFord;
Note(s): Pre-trial discussion. See cases 1175, 1386, and 1599 for trial and proposal for appeal.
Stenographer Number: 1209; Page(s): 101 p.

Court: Court of General Sessions

TRIAL #3182
Date: 1909/02/09; Reels(s): 381.
Defendant(s): Gilbert Coleman, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Murder (1st degree);
Judge: Victor J. Dowling;
Defense Attorney(s): Wetmore; Wheaton; Whitman;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Charles C. Nott Jr.; Robert Turnbull;
Stenographer Number: 341; Page(s): 300 p.

Court: New York Supreme Court



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