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TRIAL #1171
Date: 1910/05/19; Reels(s): 153.
Defendant(s): Francesco Sansone, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Murder (1st degree);
Judge: Thomas C. O'Sullivan;
Defense Attorney(s): Chase Mellen;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Robert C. McCormick;
Stenographer Number: 1194; Page(s): 278 p.
Full-Text Transcript available: 1171.pdf  1171_2.pdf  1171_3.pdf  
Court: Court of General Sessions

TRIAL #2430
Date: 1918/3/25; Reels(s): 307.
Defendant(s): Barnet Engel, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Perjury;
Judge: James T. Malone;
Defense Attorney(s): J. Kirkland Clark; Chase Mellen;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Samuel Markewich; Alfred J. Talley;
Note(s): Adjourned.
Stenographer Number: 2933; Page(s): 580 p.

Court: Court of General Sessions



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