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TRIAL #2379
Date: 1917/11/28; Reels(s): 301.
Defendant(s): Barnet Lipman, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Extortion: Illegally divulging contents of telegraphic or telephonic messages;
Judge: Joseph F. Mulqueen;
Defense Attorney(s): William H. Chorosh; Jacob M. Zinaman;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Mancuso;
Stenographer Number: 2874; Page(s): 109 p.

Court: Court of General Sessions

TRIAL #3254
Date: 1918/04/18; Reels(s): 403.
Defendant(s): Max Brinkman, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Election offenses: Misdemeanors; Election offenses: Submission of false returns;
Judge: John W. Goff;
Defense Attorney(s): William H. Chorosh;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Joab H. Banton; William A. McQuaid;
Note(s): See cases 3246 through 3253 for related trials.
Stenographer Number: 3116; Page(s): 89 p.

Court: New York Supreme Court



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