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Lloyd Sealy Library
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Reserve Information for Faculty

Electronic Reserve

Electronic Reserve is intended to provide students with access to supplementary course materials, such as single chapters from books or articles from journals, magazines or newspapers.

Electronic Reserve requests by Faculty.

Many journal, magazine and newspaper articles are already available at John Jay in electronic form. Please use the List of Full Text Electronic Journals to check for electronic access. If the publication is not available electronically, then we will scan from your photocopy of the publication.

If the article is from a journal to which we have an electronic subscription, rather than scanning, we will link into that database from the course page in Electronic Reserve. (This is quicker than scanning, provides the reader with an excellent image, and avoids copyright complications.)

Please contact the Reserve Librarian to request Electronic Reserve for your course. Once the course page is set up, the password assigned, and contact information exchanged, faculty may leave limited quantities of materials at the Reserve Desk for scanning: i.e. a photocopy of a single article from a journal/magazine/newspaper, or a single chapter from a book, along with the complete citation for the work. For greater quantities of materials, please bring the materials directly to the Reserve Librarian, so that any potential copyright problems may be identified and resolved as soon as possible!

Forms to be submitted with materials are available below:

Print this form to submit with materials.

Please supply a clean, single-sided good photocopy of the item, to be scanned by library staff.

NOTE: Poor photocopies scan badly, resulting in illegible text, large files that download slowly, and a generally frustrated reader.

All materials must be accompanied by the full citation for each work!

Materials are placed on electronic reserve only when they comply with our copyright policy.

Electronic reserves pages will be automatically deactivated at the end of each semester.

Problems with Electronic reserve documents.

While we try to ensure that documents are scanned accurately and completely, problems do occasionally arise. Professors are strongly encouraged to LOOK AT and CHECK their documents on Electronic Reserve before the date when the students are assigned the readings. We can then resolve any problems, eg. missing pages, illegible text, etc, before the readings are due.

Optimizing PDFs for e-readers.

Following these steps will enable students using e-readers (iPads, etc.) to more easily read documents on these devices.

  1. If scanning documents before emailing to the reserve librarian, choose - if possible - an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) option on your scanner settings.
  2. If photocopying or scanning pages from a book or journal, avoid photocopying 2 pages side by side. Copy single pages instead.


Managing your own Electronic Reserve site.

Individual faculty who are computer-proficient, and use mainly non-copyrighted materials, or their own materials, may prefer to manage their own Electronic Reserves pages using our Docutek Electronic Reserve software. This would enable you to post documents from any web-computer at any time you like, and label and list the documents in whatever way suits you best. Please contact the Reserve Librarian if you are interested. NOTE: We will ask you to sign an acknowledgement of, and agreement to comply with, the library reserve copyright policies, and you will be responsible for obtaining copyright permissions yourself when appropriate. Faculty who post materials in excess of fair use and in gross violation of copyright law, will have Electronic Reserve privileges revoked.

In-library reserve (print and non-electronic)

Books owned by the library.

Faculty may request that library-owned books be placed on reserve for students taking their courses. Use CUNY+ to see if a book is owned by the library at John Jay College. Citations of books in the Library may be emailed to the Reserve Librarian. However, faculty may expedite the process by locating and bringing the books themselves to the Reserve Desk - this also ensues that the professor is immediately aware if the book is not actually on the shelf. Please note that books brought to the Reserve Desk will not be immediately available for loan, as their loan and location information must first be changed in the database.

Books owned by other libraries may not be placed on reserve at John Jay.

Faculty who would like to request that a book be purchased by the library and placed on reserve should contact the Acquisitions Librarian, Maria Kiriakova mkiriakova@jjay.cuny.edu. Note: The library does not normally purchase textbooks. Students are strongly encouraged to buy textbooks required for their courses. Professors who have adopted, or are thinking of adopting, a particular text for a course are reminded that textbook publishers, when asked directly by instructors, often provide one or two “desk copies” of texts. We would be happy to keep a desk copy on reserve.

Books, CDs and DVDs owned by faculty.

Books belonging to individual professors may be submitted at the reserve desk. Please make sure to leave a LEGIBLE note with the book indicating the class code, e.g. ENG 102, name of the professor, and email address (or other contact information, to be used if problems arise). Books are normally given a 3-hour loan period. Other loan periods possible are 1 day (24 hour), 3 day, and 1 week. CDs and DVDs owned by faculty may also be placed on reserve.

Note 1: Please be aware that despite our best efforts to protect these materials, they are subject to theft or damage for which the library cannot be held responsible. Faculty are advised not to place their only copy or a valuable item on reserve.

Note 2: If you will not be using the same text in a subsequent semester, please retrieve it from the reserve desk at the end of the semester. Photocopied materials that have not been checked out in over two years will be discarded.

Copyrighted materials will be kept at the Reserve Desk only in accordance with our copyright policy.


It takes time to process reserve requests. Processing materials includes changing loan periods and locations in the catalog for library books, creating new records in the catalog for non-library owned materials, and scanning, transferring and labelling files for Electronic Reserve. While we are happy to accept reserve requests at any time, please be aware that materials left in the Library to be put on Reserve will not be available to students immediately. We try to comply with requests quickly, but staff schedules and other limitations prevent us from providing immediate service.

To ensure that readings are available to students on the first day of class, please submit your requests and materials to us at least three weeks before the start of the semester. During the semester, please allow one week between leaving the materials, and assigning the readings to your students (materials are often available much sooner – but we can’t guarantee it).


Copyright policy for electronic reserves at John Jay

Copyright Guidelines for CUNY Libraries


Due to limited staff resources, library staff do not make photocopies. Faculty requiring multiple copies of materials are directed to the Printshop in the cellar of the T building.

Contact Information

Faculty inquiries are directed to the Reserve Librarian, Prof. Kathleen Collins at kcollins@jjay.cuny.edu, (212) 237-8242.

Students are encouraged to talk to the Reference Librarians on duty, at the Reference Desk on the upper floor of the library, 212 237 8246.