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Forensic Psychology: A Guide to the Lloyd Sealy Library Resources

Forensic psychology is a relatively new interdisciplinary field, which covers the areas where law and psychology overlap. It includes criminal psychology, jury selection, giving evidence in court, assessing child custody, workers’ compensation and more. There is no single area of the library to go to where you will find all of our forensic psychology books. This bibliography lists the more significant reference works and journals, and their call numbers, and suggests what relevant databases and indexes you can use to search the periodical literature. Scanning this bibliography will give you an idea of the range of resources available to you.

General reference books


Handbook of forensic psychology (2d ed.).
Weiner, I and Hess, A. (Eds). New York: Wiley.
Reference RA1148.H36 1999
This is an excellent comprehensive resource, and probably the best starting point for information on any topic in forensic psychology. It has over 700 pages with 26 chapters written by different experts, and divided into 6 sections. Most aspects of the field are covered, ranging from a history of the discipline to practical applications and professional practice. There are extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter. Highly recommended. (There is a copy of the first edition (1987) in the stacks that can be taken out of the library).

Principles and practice of forensic psychiatry.
Bluglass, R. and Bowden, P. (Eds). London: Churchill Livingstone.
Reference RA1151.P673 1990
Another impressive comprehensive work, written by a team of 141 experts attempting to provide an overview of “the principles and practices of forensic psychiatry” to “professionals dealing with mental disorder and law and crime”. There are 1600 pages with an 84 page bibliography, and an index of legal cases from 9 different countries, but most are from England. Of particular interest is the story of Daniel McNaughton, with a description of the murder and trial that led to the development of the McNaughton rules (pages 85-88, with many more references throughout the book). This work includes chapters on aspects of forensic psychiatry in a number of different countries, and so it is a good source for anyone interested in practices outside the United States. The one drawback to this work is that the legal emphasis is very much on the English system. Despite this, it is a valuable and readable work.

Modern legal medicine, psychiatry and forensic science.
BCurran, W. et al. Philadelphia: Davis.
Reference RA1051.M54 1980
Includes a great deal of relevant material, but may be a little dated. Part four is entitled “forensic psychiatry and psychology” and consist of over 300 pages of useful information. Part 3, on special investigations, includes chapters on sex-related deaths, rape and the psychology of rapists. There is extensive coverage, including photographs, of forensic pathology.

Describing mental disorders – the DSM:

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-IV(1994).
Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association.
Reference RC455.2.C4D54 1994
This is the fourth and latest attempt by the American Psychiatric Association to provide a consistent and uniform classification of mental disorders. It describes the identifying symptoms ascribed to various psychiatric disorders. This is the standard and the most common classification system used for describing mental disorders. (A second copy is kept at the Reference Desk).

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-IV TR. (2000).
Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association.
RC 455.2 .C4 D536 2000
4th edition, text revision. This edition revises the text of the DSMV IV, but not the actual classification of disorders. Kept at the Reference Desk.

Using DSM-IV.
Labruzza, A. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson.
Reference RC469.433 1994.
Written as an aid to understanding the DSM-IV in its historic context, this book discusses the DSM-IV section by section, aiming to be “a survey of the history of American psychiatric diagnosis”.


Comprehensive glossary of psychiatry and psychology.
Kaplan, H. Baltimore, MD: Williams and Wilkins.
Reference RC437.K36 1991
Contains short dictionary-style definitions.

Butterworths medico-legal encyclopedia.
Mason, J. London: Butterworths.
Reference Law KD3395.A68M37 1987
Most entries in this small one volume encyclopedia are about a half page long, with good short bibliographies. Most of the legal references are to English law, but mention is made of significant U.S. situations.

The Sloane-Dorland annotated medical-legal dictionary.
Sloane, R. (1987). New York: West.
Reference RA1017.S56 1987
A good dictionary linking law and medicine. Entries cite relevant cases, and provide quotations from them. However, the emphasis is on medicine rather than psychology. Includes a good entry on polygraphs.

A reference companion to the history of abnormal psychology.
(Vol.s 1-2). Howells, J. and Osborn, M. Westport, CT: Greenwood.
Reference RC454.4.H68 1984
This dictionary style work contains a fascinating and varied array of entries describing people and concepts ranging from lead poisoning to classical mythology to the Salpetriere hospital. The entries are brief, but each includes a reference to a source where the reader can go for more information.


Encyclopedia of mental health
(1998). Friedman, H. (Ed.). NY: Academic Press.
Reference RA790.5.E53 1998
Entries are a few pages long. Each entry has a glossary and a bibliography.

Encyclopedia of psychology (2d ed.)
Corsini, R. (editor). New York: John Wiley.
Reference BF31.E52 1994
A good general psychology encyclopedia. You will find some other general psychology encyclopedias on the shelf beside it.

Encyclopedia of human behavior.
San Diego, CA: Academic Press.
Reference BF31.E5 1994
A four volume general psychology encyclopedia. Each entry has a glossary and bibliography. Entries include war and terrorism, as well as more traditional psychological topics.

Encyclopedia of violence, peace and conflict
Kurtz, L. et al (Eds.). NY: Academic Press.
Reference HM291.E625 1999
Three volumes of articles covering a diverse range of topics, including serial killers, public health models of violence, combat psychology, warfare, and childrearing.

Lethal violence 2000: A sourcebook on fatal domestic, acquaintance and stranger aggression.
Hall, H. (Ed.). Kamuela, HI: Pacific Institute for the Study of Conflict and Aggression.
Reference HN90.V5L482 1996.
Includes articles on murder and sex murder, police use of deadly force, media violence, infanticide, murder-suicide and others. Most of the authors are psychologists or psychiatrists.

International encyclopedia of psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis and neurology.
NY: Aescapius.
Reference RC334.I573 1977
This 12 volume encyclopedia is useful particularly for biographies and information about theories. The age of the work limits its usefulness. There is an additional 13th “progress volume” which was published in 1983.

Encyclopedia of world crime.
Williamette, IL: History.
Reference HV6017.E55
This eight volume work contains detailed information about the lives, crimes and trials of infamous criminals.

Directories of organizations

Cares directory: social and health services in the reater New York City area (3rd ed.)
Compiled by United Way of New York City. Philadelphia PA : Dorland Data Networks
Reference HV99.N59 S56
(formerly the Source book). This extensive directory lists and provides some brief information about public and voluntary agencies and their programs. The program index at the back can be used to identify organizations providing particular services. It is published every two years. A “people’s version” is available on the Internet at http://www.uwnyc.org/where_to.htm

Directory, juvenile & adult correctional departments, institutions, agencies & paroling authorities.
Md: American Correctional Association.
Reference HV9463.J6
Entries are arranged by state. Medical/psychiatric facilities are not listed or indexed separately, but are indicated with the symbol : .

Mental health directory. (2nd ed.)
National Clearing House for Mental health Information. Bethesda, MD: National Institute of Mental Health.
Reference RA790.A1 M4
Lists the addresses and phone numbers of organizations providing mental health services, arranged by state.

Child and adolescent psychology

Handbook of child psychopathology (3rd ed.)
Ollendick, T. and Hersen, M. (Eds). NY: Plenum Press.
Reference RJ 499.3 .H36 1998
Chapters are written by different contributors, and are grouped in four sections, covering general issues, specific psychopathologies, psychological aspects of physical disorders, and prevention and treatment. There is a chapter devoted to conduct disorders.

Handbook of prevention and treatment with children and adolescents: Intervention in the real world context.
Ammerman, R. and Hersen, M. (Eds.). NY : John Wiley.
Reference RJ 499.H3326 1997
Addresses “the problems encountered when children… face poverty, violence, substance abuse and other social ills.” There are extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter.

Handbook of clinical child psychology (2nd ed.)
Walker, C. and Roberts, M. (Eds.). NY : John Wiley.
Reference RJ 503.3.H36 1992
Contains 56 chapters, divided into 7 sections. These sections are problems in early life, childhood and adolescence, diagnostic assessment, child development, intervention strategies and special topics. Each chapter reviews the topic, and each has an extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia of adolescence.
Lerner, R. et al. (Eds.). NY: Garland.
Reference HQ796.E58 1991
A two-volume encyclopedia with entries of a few pages long with good bibliographies at the end of each entry. Topics covered include delinquency, runaways etc.

Handbook of adolescent psychology.
Adelson, J. (Ed.). NY: Wiley.
Reference RA790.A1 M4
Reference BF724.H33 1980

Treating psychological and psychiatric disorders:

Treatments of psychiatric disorders.
Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association.
Reference RC480.T69 1995
These two volumes contain discussions of mental disorders and their various treatment options, with many references to the literature. Disorders covered include schizophrenia, substance related disorders, eating disorders, etc.

Comprehensive textbook of psychiatry VI
Kaplan, H. and Sadock, B. (Eds.).
Reference RC454.C637 1995
This major psychiatric text attempts to summarize the entire field of psychiatry, in just under 3,000 pages. Each of the 53 chapters has been contributed by a different author.

Modern synopsis of comprehensive textbook of psychiatry IV.
Kaplan, H. and Sadock, B. Baltimore, MD: Williams and Wilkins.
Reference RC454.K352 1981
This is a condensed version of the third edition of the major psychiatric text, The comprehensive textbook of psychiatry. It is a very readable book, useful for gaining an overview of psychiatric topics. Note: It does not use the most recent classification of mental disorders, the DSM-IV, as it was published prior to the development of that classification.

Handbook of drug therapy in psychiatry.
Bernstein, J. Boston: John Wright.
Reference RC483.B47 1983
The work is pharmacological in orientation. Chapter topics include lithium, psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, mono oxidase inhibitors and electroconvulsive therapy.

Physicians desk reference (PDR).
Oradell, NJ: Medical Economics.
Reference RS75.P5
This annual publication describes the characteristics of specific drugs.

Handbook of clinical psychology.
Wolman, B. (Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill.
Reference RC467.H27 1983
The chapters in this two volume work were written as literature reviews with extensive “suggestions toward the best clinical practice”. Topics covered extensively include the DSM manual, psychological testing, schizophrenia and substance abuse. There is a short section on forensic psychology.

National register of health service providers in psychology.
Washington, DC: Council for the National Register of Health
Service Providers in Psychology.
Reference BF30.N3 1991/2
This is an alphabetical listing of psychology practitioners in the United States listed alphabetically by name. There is a geographic index at the back. Each entry lists the specialization and address of the practitioner.

Psychological tests

Psychological tests are widely used tools in applied psychology. They may be either published, that is, for sale from a commercial distributor, or they may be unpublished tests available in complete form only from their developer or creator. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 is a well-known published test about which much has been written in textbooks, monographs and journal articles. It is published by the University of Minnesota Press. Its use is restricted to trained professionals. In contrast, a little-used unpublished test might only be described in the journal article where its use was first reported. An unpublished test might be used and revised over a period of years before being made available commercially as a published test. Standardized tests are those for which strict procedures have been developed which are followed when the test is administered. They are usually administered to a control group as well as to the candidates of interest.

We do not keep a collection of tests in the library. Tests are normally copyrighted, and cannot be used without the permission of the copyright owner. In effect this means that you buy as many copies as you are planning to use from the publisher. A publisher may be willing to provide a specimen test on request. If you want to use an unpublished test, you must ask for permission to use it from the creator of the test.

The following works can be used to identify suitable tests, and to locate the copyright owner. The contact information for acquiring the tests may be relevant. Use the Mental Measurements Yearbook to get current contact information. Some tests are sold or otherwise provided only to people who are considered as qualified to administer them correctly.

Identification of published tests:

The Mental measurements yearbook.
Buros, O. (Ed.). Highland park, NJ: Mental Measurements Yearbook.
Reference LB1131.B9
This is the most comprehensive list of published tests available. This work was originally published in 1938, and updates are published frequently. The most recent edition is the 13th edition, which was published in 1998. This yearbook lists and critically reviews tests that are available commercially. The updates contain information on any new tests that were considered for inclusion since the previous edition was published, and any information on older tests that have been revised. Thus, unlike most reference works, it is important to consult not just the latest edition, but the original volume and the subsequent editions as well. Alternatively, you can consult the index to the entire series, which is on the World Wide Web at http://www.unl.edu/buros .

Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education and business (4th ed.).
Maddox, T. (Ed.). (1997). Austin, TX: Pro-ed.
Reference BF176.T43 1997
Tests are described briefly, and information is provided as to where they can be purchased. The tests are not critically reviewed in this work, and no references are provided.

Tests in print IV: an index to tests, test reviews and the literature on specific tests.
Murphy, L. (1994). Lincoln, Nebraska: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.
Reference LB3051.T455 1994
Lists and briefly describes tests that were available commercially at the time this work was published. It can be used as a cumulative index to the Mental measurements yearbook series. A directory of publishers is included.

Psychware sourcebook: a reference guide to computer-based products for assessment in psychology, education and business (4th ed.).
Krug, S. (1993). Kansas City, MO : Test Corp. of America
Reference BF176.2.P77 1993
Describes psychological tests for which software is available. The supplier and price for each product is provided.

Testing adolescents: a reference guide for comprehensive psychological assessments.
Harrington, R. (Ed.). (1987). Kansas City: Test Corporation of America.
Reference BF724.25.T47 1987
The appendix lists and describes briefly the tests referred to in the text. Publishers and prices are noted. As this book was published before the development of the MMPI for adolescents, that test is not discussed.

Adult assessment: a source book of tests and measures of human behavior
Andrulis, R. (1977). Springfield, IL: Thomas.
Reference BF176.A52
Lists, describes, and critiques 155 tests used to assess adult behavior, all of which were available from a commercial or research organization in 1977. Entries are arranged according to the parameter being measured, e.g. personality, aptitude, etc.

Reading tests and reviews II: a monograph consisting of the reading sections of the Seventh mental measurements yearbook (1972) and Tests in print II (1974).
Buros, O. (Ed.). (1975). Highland park, NJ: Gryphon Press.
Reference LB1050.46.B87 1975

Measures for psychological assessment: a guide to 3,000 original sources and their applications.
Chun, K. (1975).
Reference BF698.5C45

Personality: tests and reviews.
Buros, O. (Ed.). (1970). Highland Park, N. J. : Gryphon Press
Reference BF698.5B87.
Reprints the reviews of personality tests that were originally published in the Mental measurements yearbook series. Two volumes. The second volume was published in 1975.

Identification of unpublished tests:

Directory of unpublished experimental mental measures.
(1970-1997). NY: Human Sciences Press.
Reference BF431.G625.
A brief description of each test is provided, along with the citation of the article where use of the test was first described. The tests listed here are considered non-standardized tests, still under development. Entries are very brief, but a bibliographical reference is provided for each, citing the journal article where the test was first described. Each volume covers journal articles that were published over a range of years. Volume 1 covers 1970, volume 2 covers 1971-72, volume 3 covers 1973, volume 4 covers 1974 to 1980, volume 6 covers 1986-90, volume 7 covers 1991-95. Volume 5 (1981-1985) is not owned by the library at present. The index in volume 7 covers all of the volumes.

Tests and measurements in child development: a handbook.
Johnson, O. (1971). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Reference BF722.J64.
Lists and describes unpublished tests that were considered as generally available to professionals when this book was published.

Tests in microfiche: annotated index.
Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service.
Reference LB3051.T45 1975-1986.
This index lists and describes unpublished tests that have been used to perform psychological and educational assessments. We do not have the actual tests themselves here in the John Jay Library, but the library at the Graduate Center owns the complete set, including indexes, from 1975 to 1996. The index to the collection is now included in the ETS Test File index on the World Wide Web at http://ericae.net/testcol.htm .

Books in which scales are reproduced

Handbook of scales for research in crime and delinquency.
Brodsky, S. (1983). NY: Plenum Press.
Reference and stacks HV9274.B76 1983
Reviews and criticizes scales that have been used in various criminal justice testing situations. The original questionnaire used to perform the test is reproduced. References direct the reader to more sources of information. Scales from both published (if the copyright holder granted permission) and unpublished tests are included.

Handbook of psychiatric rating scales (2nd ed.)
Rockville, MD: NIMH.
Reference BF698.5.L9 1973
Describes the scales, and provides bibliographic references where more information can be found.

Scales for the measurement of attitudes.
Shaw, M. (1967). NY: McGraw-Hill.
Reference BF378.A75S45
Reproduces scales that have been used for assessing attitudes. The authors recommend that the scales be used only for group testing and research purposes.

Books about some specific tests:

The Rorschach: a comprehensive system (3rd ed.).
Exner, J. (1993). NY: Wiley.
Reference BF698.8.R5E87 1993.
This work consists of three volumes discussing the Rorschach test. Topics covered include the history of the test, administering and scoring it, interpreting the results, and practical applications.

The MMPI: an interpreters manual.
Greene, R. (1980). NY: Grune and Stratton..
Reference BF698.8.H6B8 1970
This work describes and discusses the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test which is used to assess abnormal behavior.

The house-tree-person technique. Revised manual.
Buck, J. (1970). Los Angeles: Western Psychological Services.
Reference BF698.8.H6B8 1970
Interpreting drawings

A catalog for the qualitative interpretation of the house-tree-person (H-T-P).
Jolles, I. (1971). LA: Western Psychological Services.
Reference BF698.8.H6B8J64 1971

World Wide Web sites for tests

ERIC/AE Test Locator
URL: http://ericae.net/testcol.htm
This site provides access to the two following indexes of tests, and a list of test publishers.

ETS Test File: This is an index to over 10,000 tests, including both published and unpublished tests. A brief description of each test and contact information for the publisher/creator is provided.

Test Review Locator: Use this index to identify reviews that have been written about specific published tests. A citation to each review is provided. The reviews themselves are published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests In Print (both of which we have in our library) and Test Critiques, which we do not own at present.

Buros Institute of Mental Measures
URL: http://www.unl.edu/buros/
The Buros Institute publishes the Mental measurements yearbook which is the most comprehensive source of information about published tests. This site provides information about the Institute, its books and how to use them, and a link to the Test Review Locator described above.

Frequently Asked Questions on psychological tests
URL: http://www.apa.org/science/test.html
The American Psychological Association has posted information here about psychological tests, including how to find and use them.

Using PsycInfo to identify tests

This electronic index of articles published in psychology journals can be used to identify tests discussed in the periodical literature. The descriptor term used in this database is “measures” and not the word “tests”. For efficient searching, use the phrase measures in de in addition to your other search terms. This database can be searched from the computers in the library.

International and cross-cultural forensic psychology

Aggression and conflict.
Levinson, D. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
Reference HM136.L46 1994
A slim volume with encyclopedia-style entries discussing aggression and conflict as experienced in different cultures world wide. The book is written from an anthropological view point.

Aggression in global perspective.
Goldstein, A. (Ed.). Elmsford, NY: Pergamon Press.
Reference BF575.A3A52 1983
Each chapter is devoted to one country.

Handbook of cross-cultural psychology. Volume 6: Psychopathology.
Boston: Allyn and Bacon.
Reference GN502.H36
The topics discussed in the seven chapters of this volume include alienation, psychological disorders and depression. There are extensive bibliographies.

International handbook of traumatic stress syndrome.
Wilson, J.(Ed.). NY: Plenum Press.
Reference RC552.P67158 1993
This impressive work provides in-depth descriptions and discussions of traumas arising from torture, war, natural disasters and other stressful experiences.

Legal resources

For guidance on strictly legal resources, the reader is directed to the Legal Resources in the Lloyd Sealy Library booklet, available at the Reference Desk. Here are some legal treatises relevant to forensic psychology:

Psychological evaluations for the courts: a handbook for mental health professional and lawyers (2d ed.).
NY: Guildford Press.
Reserve Room KF8922.P77 1997
The 1987 first edition is also on reserve, at the same call number.

Psychological and scientific evidence in criminal trials.
Moriarty, J. (1996). Deerfield, IL: Clark, Boardman, Callaghan.
Reference Law KF9674.M67 1996
Volume one of this two-volume work covers psychological evidence.

Psychiatric and psychological evidence (2d ed.).
Shuman, D. Colorado Springs: Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill.
Reference Law KF8965.S57 1994
Indexes to court cases and statutes discussed are included.

Expert witnesses: direct and cross-examination.
Mulligan, W. (1997). NY: Wiley.
Reference Law KF8961.M84 1987
The bulk of this work consist of transcripts from court cases, including the von Bulow trial, providing real life examples of how expert witnesses are cross examined in court.

Web Sites

There are a large number of sites out there concerned with forensic psychology. These range from sites maintained by firms and individuals advertising their services as forensic psychologists, to professional organizations and universities. One of the best ways to explore what’s out there is to follow the links at a well-maintained index site, such as one of these two:

David Willshire’s forensic psychology and psychiatry links.
URL: http://members.optushome.com.au/dwillsh
This is a really excellent place to start. Links are provided to a whole range of different sites.

Zeno’s forensic psychology page.
URL: http://forensic.to/forensic.html
This site covers forensic science as well as forensic psychology. Scroll down to see the link to the forensic psychology and psychiatry sites.

Some more forensic psychology sites:

American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.
URL: http://www.cc.emory.edu/AAPL/index.html
The site includes an index to the Academy’s journal and the full text of articles from its newsletter. There are links to pages maintained by Academy members, including Doctors Hooper and Bursztajn.

Forensic Nursing Resource Homepage
URL: http://www.fnrh.freeserve.co.uk/index1.html
Here are some insights from people who have very close contact with the criminally insane.

International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence.
URL: www.law.arizona.edu/upr-intj/
This site is dedicated to therapeutic jurisprudence, created by one of the movement’s leading advocates. Right now the site consist mainly of bibliographies and links to web sites and listservs, but I expect more information will be posted.

General psychology web sites:

American Psychology Association
URL: http://www.apa.org
The APA is “the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States”. Their web site is a good source of information on general psychology. Among much else, there is career information for students, and a section devoted to explaining psychology to the general public.

American Psychiatric Association online.
URL: www.psych.org
This organization represents physicians specializing “in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional illnesses and substance use disorders”. There is a lot of information here. Two fairly new additions to the site are pages on schizophrenia and the psychological and psychiatric effects of AIDS.

American Psychoanalytic Association
URL: http://apsa.org

Psych Web
URL: http://www.psychweb.com
Acts as a gateway and index to psychology websites.

Social Psychology Network Online
URL: http://www.socialpsychology.org/
This site has links to general and social psychology material. Of particular interest are links to the psychology career center (see below) and to the Stanford Prison Experiment, where students from Stanford University voluntarily spent time in prison.

Psychology Career Center
URL: http://www.socialpsychology.org/career.htm
Includes career tips, internships and job postings, graduate school information, and much more.

ERIC/AE Test Locator
URL: http://ericae.net/testcol.htm
This site provides access to two indexes of psychological tests, and a list of test publishers. The ETS Test File is an index to over 10,000 tests, including both published and unpublished tests. A brief description of each test and contact information for the publisher/creator is provided. The Test Review Locator identifies reviews that have been written about specific published tests. A citation to each review is provided. The reviews themselves are published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print (both of which we have in our library) and Test Critiques, which we do not own at present.

Buros Institute of Mental Measures
URL: http://www.unl.edu/buros/
The Buros Institute publishes the Mental Measurements Yearbook which is the most comprehensive source of information about published tests. This site provides information about the Institute, its books and how to use them, and a link to the Test Review Locator described above.

Frequently Asked Questions on Psychological Tests
URL: http://www.apa.org/science/faq-findtests.html
The American Psychological Association has posted information here about psychological tests, including how to find and use them.


Bibliographies are lists of published works, usually covering a particular topic. Use them to identify books and articles that have been written about your topic, then check DPAC to see if we own the works you have identified. If we do not own a book or journal, the librarian can identify what library does own it. Some organizations, such as the National Institute of Justice, produce large numbers of bibliographies. Bibliographies may be extremely focused on a very specialized topic. Some bibliographies include annotations, which describe the contents of the work listed. To identify bibliographies in the library catalog, do a key word search, combining your topic and the word bibliographies, e.g. K=rape and bibliography. Encyclopedia entries, articles and many books also contain short bibliographies.

When using bibliographies, it is important to note the publication date. You may need to do your own literature search in order to identify more up-to-date information.

Some examples of bibliographies in the library:

The anthropology of war: A bibliography.
Ferguson, R. and Farragher, L. (Comps.). NY: Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.
Reference GN497.G47 1988
There is a chapter listing works on the psychology of war.

Bibliography of aggressive behavior.
Crabtree, J. (1977). NY: Alan R. Liss.
Reference BF575.A3C7

The drug user: Personality issues, factors and theories: an annotated bibliography.
Einstein, S. NY: Plenum Press.
Reference RC564.E38 1983

International bibliography of the history of legal medicine.
Nemec, J. (1974). Bethesda, MD: National Library of Medicine.
Reference RA1021.N4
This bibliography lists 1,615 monographs, dissertations, articles and book chapters published up until 1972 that discuss “ the application of medicine for the administration of justice”. Relevant subject headings from the index at the back include torture, sex and sexual offenses, psychiatry and the law, mental illness, legal medicine, homicide, etc. The works covered were written from ancient times up until 1972, in 26 different languages, but most seem to be in English and date from the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries.

The juvenile firesetter: Selected references.
Albany, NY: NYS Dept. of State, Office of Fire Prevention and Control.
Reference RC569.5.P9J88 1986

Political terrorism.
Schmid, A. NY: Transaction Books.
Reference HN6431.S358 1988
This bibliography includes a discussion and a list of resources on the psychology of terrorism.

Sex offender research: A partially annotated bibliography.
McDonald, S (1987). Madison, WI: Wisconsin Division of Corrections.
Microfiche cabinets AC1.C7 CJD1190
The works indexed in this bibliography include books and journal articles. It is a useful locator of information sources on many different aspects of sex offenders. This usefulness of this work is limited by its age.

Topical bibliography: Psychological screening of police.
Rockville, MD: National Institute of Justice.
Reference HV7936.R5T66 1986

Topical bibliography: Rape/sexual assault.
Rockville, MD: Office for Victims of Crime Resource Center
Reference HV6561.T66 1995

Topical search: Mentally disordered/mentally disabled offenders.
Rockville, MD: National Institute of Justice..
Reference HV6133.T66 1994

Homicide: A bibliography. (2d ed.).
Jerath, B. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
Reference HV6133.T66 1994

Abnormal behavior: A guide to information studies.
Leland, H. (1980). Detroit, MI: Gale Research.
Reference RC454.L39
This annotated bibliography lists and describes books and articles published during the 1970’s.

Bibliography of handwriting analysis: A graphical index.
Miller, J. (1982). Troy, NY: Whitston Publishing Company.
Reference BF891.M54 1982

Disasters and mental health: An annotated bibliography.
Ahearn, F. and Cohen, R. (Compilers). (1982). Rockville, MD: National Institute of Mental Health.
Reference BF789.D5 A35 1984

Stress burnout: an annotated bibliography.
Riggar, T. (1985). Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.
Reference BF481.R53 1985

Other works

Forensic psychology and psychiatry
Volume 347 of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.
Reference RA1148.F67 1980
This volume was edited and written mainly by John Jay College faculty. Articles cover psychological evidence, competency, hostage situations, scared straight, etc.

Graduate study in psychology.
Describes schools with graduate programs in psychology.
Reference BF77.G73 1999

Sourcebook on pornography.
Osanka, F. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books.
Reference HQ471.O83 1989

Encyclopedia of genocide.
Charny, E. (Ed.). Santa Brabara, CA: ABC CLIO.
Reference HV6322.7.E53 1999
Two volume work, but only a few pages directly address the psychological aspects (pages 477 – 487).

Finding other books in the library

A number of books have been written about locating information in libraries. There are many more resources available than can be identified from a casual walk around the library. These books are useful in giving the reader an idea as to the wide range of materials that are can be used to track down information. Not all of the resources discussed will be available in any one library. However, the reference librarians can usually identify an alternate resource, or another library that does own it. While there is no book that addresses using libraries for locating forensic psychology resources, we do have books that individually cover the areas of general psychology and criminal justice.

Library use: a handbook for psychology. (2d ed.).
Reed, J. and Baxter, P. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Reference BF76.8.R43 1992
A guide to all aspects of retrieving information about psychology, using both print and electronic resources. This is a good “how to use the library” guide drawing its examples from the field of psychology.

Criminal justice research in libraries and on the Internet.
Nelson, B. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press
Reference HV7419.N45 1997
No direct references to forensic psychology, but provides a useful introduction to the principles of doing library research. Written by librarians at John Jay.

Criminal justice research sources.
O’Block, R. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson.
Reference HV7419.O24 1992

Using the library catalog:

The John Jay library catalog is called DPAC and it is available on the CUNY+ computer system. There is also a web interface to the catalog., called Webpac, at http://libraries.cuny.edu/webpac/index.html The catalog can be searched for an author, a book/journal/magazine title, a subject heading, or for keywords occurring anywhere in a record. All of the books in the library have been given Library of Congress subject headings describing their contents. Some useful Library of Congress subject headings describing forensic psychology topics are as follows:

Child psychopathologyCompetency to stand trial
Criminal anthropology
Criminal behaviorCriminal liability
Criminal psychologyDeviant behavior
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
Ethnopsychology Eyewitness identification
Evidence expertForensic psychiatry
Indecent assault Indecent exposure
JuryJury selection
Juvenile delinquents--United States--psychology (note – you must type in two hyphens separating each of these terms ).
Law--psychological aspects Medical jurisprudence
Mental health laws Prisoner--mental health
Psychiatry transcultural Psychological tests
Psychology forensic Psychology forensic--periodicals
Psychology pathological
Rape Rape--periodicals
Sex crimes Sex offender--psychology
Victims of crimes--psychology
Violence Violent crimes
WitnessesWorkers compensation

Search for books listed under a particular subject heading with the command S =
e.g. S=sex offenders- -psychology.
Or search for books on a particular topic using a keyword search, e.g. K=rape and psychology.

DPAC can also be searched to find out what journals we own which focus on a specific broad topic.

S=psychology forensic- -periodicals
S=psychology- -periodicals
S=rape- -periodicals
K=alcohol? and periodicals (The ? truncates the word, so we get alcohol, alcohols, alcoholic,

Periodical literature

There are a few journals that are devoted entirely to forensic psychology. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, relevant articles can be found in a wide range of other journals, including traditional psychology journals and law reviews. In order to search the journal literature thoroughly, it is necessary to search the indexes covering a number of different areas, notably, psychology, medicine and law.

The following databases can be accessed from the library’s personal computers, or from home. (To access databases from home, go to the home use page at http://www.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/connecting.html ). Information sheets are available that briefly describe how to use the databases, and the library regularly offers short introductory classes on using each database. Ask the reference librarian on duty if you need help.

This database indexes and abstracts (summarizes) articles published in psychology journals. Use this database to identify articles on any psychology topic that have been published any time from 1887 to the present. There is a “Thesaurus of psychological index terms” shelved in the reference area at AI1.P822 which can be used to identify appropriate terms describing your topic.

Criminal justice abstracts
This database indexes and abstracts book chapters and articles from criminal justice journals, from 1968 to the present.

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service, of the National Institute of Justice produces this database. It indexes and abstracts articles published in criminal justice journals, and also a large amount of criminal justice gray literature. This is an important index to use to identify agency and organization reports and studies that are not widely disseminated. We own a lot of the material indexed by this database – much of it on microfiche. When you have identified the material you would like to read, do a title search in DPAC, the library catalog, to see whether we own it, and where in the library we keep it. This database is available on the internet, at http://www.ncjrs.org/database.htm

Index to Legal Periodicals
This database indexes articles from law reviews, and some law books.

Medline is an index to medical literature. The National Library of Medicine produces this extensive database which can be searched free of charge through the Internet. The URL is http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed Use any computer that can access the World Wide Web. Two useful MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) headings to use in your searches are criminal psychology, and forensic psychiatry.

Lexis-Nexis Universe
This full-text legal database contains primary and secondary legal materials, including court cases, law review articles, and newspaper articles. Access it by using any of the World Wide Web computers in the library. There is a link to it from the library’s Full Text Resources page at http://www.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/journals/

Print indexes:

Psychological abstracts.
Washington, DC: APA.
Reference index area AI1.P8
We have from volume 1 (1927) to the present. This print index is published monthly. It indexes and summarizes books and articles published in psychology journals. There is a section headed “Forensic psychology and legal issues” which is interesting to scan. This publication covers essentially the same material as the electronic index PsycINFO (the most recent five years are kept beside the reference desk; the older ones are kept in the index area at the back of the reference book shelves).

Current law index.
Los Altos, CA: Information Access Corp.
Reference index area AI1.C88
This is a print index to articles published mainly in law reviews. These articles tend to be lengthy discussions of some aspect of law. The full text of the articles can usually be retrieved using Lexis-Nexis Universe.

Journals which concentrate on forensic psychology and psychiatry:

Criminal justice and behavior. Bound periodicals HV9261.C74
We have from volume 1, 1974 to the present. This journal is published by the American Association for Correctional Psychology, and covers many forensic psychology articles. According to the Encyclopedia of psychology, it is one of the more important forensic psychology journals.

Law and human behavior Bound periodicals K12 .A914
We have from volume 1, 1977 to the present. This interdisciplinary journal is published by a division of the American Psychology Association, and contains articles on “issues arising out of the relationship between human behavior and the law, legal system and legal process”. According to the Encyclopedia of psychology, it is one of the more important journals in the field of forensic psychology.

American journal of forensic psychology. Bound periodicals RA1151.A53
We have from volume 1 (issue number 2 ) 1983 to the present. This journal is published quarterly by the American College of Forensic Psychiatry.

Behavioral sciences and the law. Microfiche and bound periodicals K2.E3
Volumes 1 to 15 (1983 to 1997) are on microfiche, volumes 13 (1995) to the present are kept in hard copy. The aim of the journal is “to provide a broad perspective in pertinent psycho-legal topics”. Most issues are devoted to a particular theme, usually focusing on forensic psychology. Issues in 1999 were devoted to therapeutic jurisprudence, threat assessment, employment discrimination and mental illness and criminal responsibility. Most articles are concerned with North America, but a determined effort is being made to include at least one article that is international in orientation with each issue.

American journal of forensic psychiatry. Bound periodicals RA1151.A5
We have from volume 1, 1978 to the present. This journal is published quarterly by the American College of Forensic Psychiatry, and is aimed at legal psychiatrists and attorneys. The articles tend to concentrate on describing and discussing specific case studies.

Journal of forensic psychiatry. Bound periodicals RA1151.J68
We have from 1990, volume 1 to the present. This English publication contains peer-reviewed articles and short papers, with book reviews at the end of each issue.

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. Bound periodicals RA1151.A43a
We have from volume 7, 1979 to the present. (volumes 7 through 24 had the title Bulletin).

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. Newsletter. Bound periodicals RA1151.A43b
We have from volume 7, 1982 to the present. This newsletter contains information on upcoming conferences, bibliographies of recent publications, a legislative and court review of relevant recent issues, and brief, informal articles. The full text of some articles are on the Web at www.cc.emory.edu/AAPL/newsltr.htm

Psychology, crime and law. Bound periodicals HV6001.P77
We have from volume 1, 1994 to the present.

Forensic reports. Bound periodicals RA1148.F7
We have from volume 1, 1988 to volume 5, 1992. Articles are on forensic psychology topics. This work has ceased publication in 1992.

Journal of psychiatry and law. Bound periodicals K10.O884
Repressed memories, the insanity defense and sex offender risk assessment were topics featured in one recent issue. Book reviews are included in every issue.

International journal of law and psychiatry. Bound periodicals K9.N847
We have from volume 1, 1978 to the present. This is the official journal of the International Academy of law and mental health. It is published quarterly, in English, and is international in content. Articles are written by authors from all over the world. It is “concerned with the interface of law and psychiatry”.

Legal and criminological psychology. Bound periodicals K12.E28
We have from volume 1, 1996 to the present. This journal is published by the British Psychological Society, and contains peer reviewed articles and book reviews. The very first article in the first issue was entitled “What is forensic psychology?”

Psychology, public policy and law. Bound periodicals K16.S78
We own volumes 1 (1995) to the present. This is a law review published jointly by the law schools of the University of Arizona and the University of Miami. More often than not, the articles cover forensic psychology topics. All articles deal with psychology and it’s interaction with law and/or society. Issues have been devoted to the MacArthur Competence Treatment Study, and “commonsense justice”.

Other journals that often contain articles on forensic psychology topics:
(listed alphabetically by title)

Psychology, public policy and law.             Bound periodicals HV5800.B7. We have from volume 88, 1983 to the present.

Aggression and violent behavior.            Bound periodicals RC569.5.A34A37. We have from volume 1, 1996 to the present. This is a new addition to the literature, and looks as if it will be a valuable resource for forensic psychology related information. It is published quarterly by Elsevier, and contains review articles.

Alcoholism treatment quarterly.            Bound periodicals RC565.A45. We have from volume 1, 1984 to the present.

American journal of drug and alcohol abuse.             Bound periodicals HV5800.A7. We have from volume 1, 1974 to volume 18, 1992 on microfilm. Volumes 19, 1993, to the present are in the bound periodical sections.

American journal of orthopsychiatry.            Bound periodicals RA790.A1A5. We have from volume 1, 1930 to the present.

American journal of psychiatry.            Microfilm RC321.A4. We have from volume 127, 1970 to the present.

Annual progress in child psychiatry and child development.            Reference RJ499.A1A53 1997 We have from 1982 to 1998.

Annual review of psychology.              Reference BF30.A56 There is a cumulative index at the back of each volume which indexes the preceding decade. We have from volume 16, 1990 to the present.

Behavioral interventions              . Bound periodicals RC489.B4 B4377 We have from volume 1, 1986 to the present.

Child maltreatment.              Bound periodicals RC569.5.C55C466 We have from volume 2, 1997 to the present.

Child psychiatry and human development.              Bound periodicals RJ499.A1 C43 We have from volume 12, 1981 to the present.

Community mental health journal.              Bound periodicals RA790.A1C53 We have from volume 1, 1965 to the present.

Contemporary psychoanalysis.             Bound periodicals RC500.C6 We have from volume 1, 1964 to volume 20, 1984 on microfilm. Volumes 21, 1985 to the present are in the bound periodicals area.

Corrective and social psychology.             Bound periodicals RC321.J6

Criminal behavior and mental health.             Bound periodicals HV6001.C655 We have from volume 1, 1991 to the present.

Crisis: the journal of crisis intervention and suicide prevention.             Bound Periodicals RC569.C7 We have from volume 1, 1980 to the present.

International journal of group psychotherapy.              Bound periodicals RC488.I5 We have from volume 1, 1951 to the present.

International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology.              Bound periodicals HV9261.I5 This journal publishes some forensic psychology papers. We have from volume 16, 1972 to the present. This work aims to be “a forum for research, discussion and treatment of variables associated with crime and delinquency”.

Journal of abnormal child psychology.              Bound periodicals RJ499.A1 J57 We have from volume 1, 1973 to the present.

Journal of abnormal psychology.              Bound periodicals RC321.J7. We have from volume 70, 1965 to the present.

Journal of adolescence.             Bound periodicals R4499.A1 I574. We have from volume 1, 1988 to the present.

Journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines.             Bound periodicals RJ499.A1J6. We have from volume 12, 1971 to volume 21, 1980 on microfilm, and volume 22, 1981 to the present ion the bound periodicals area.

Journal of child sexual abuse.            Bound periodicals RJ507.S49 J68. We have from volume 1, 1992 to the present.

Journal of clinical psychology.             Bound periodicals RC321.J74. We have from volume 1, 1945 to volume 22, 1966 on microfilm. Volumes 23, 1967 to the present are in the bound periodical section.

Journal of contemporary psychotherapy.              Bound periodicals RC475.J6. We have from volume 1, 1968 to the present.

Journal of family psychology.              Bound periodicals RC488.5.J68. We have from volume 1, 1987 to the present.

Journal of forensic sciences.              Bound periodicals RA1001.A57. We have from volume 1, 1956 to the present. Some volumes are on microfilm. Though this journal covers mainly forensic science, it does occasionally publish articles on relating to forensic psychology and psychiatry.

Journal of gambling studies.              Bound periodicals RC569.5.G35 J68. We have from volume 6, 1990 to the present.

Journal of interpersonal violence.             Bound periodicals HV6250.J68. We have from volume 1, 1986 to the present.

Journal of offender rehabilitation.             Bound periodicals HV9261.O33. Covers some forensic psychology material.

Journal of research in crime and delinquency.              Bound periodicals HV6001.J74. We have from volume 1, 1964 to the present.

Journal of social and clinical psychology.             Bound periodicals RC321.J8. We have from volume 1, 1983 to the present.

Journal of studies on alcohol.             Bound periodicals RC565.Q9. We have from volume 1, 1940 to the present.

Journal of substance abuse treatment.             Bound periodicals RC566.A1 J68. We have from volume 1, 1984 to the present.

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.            Bound periodicals RJ499.A1 A4. We have from volume 26, 1987 to the present.

Law and policy.             Bound periodicals KF450.P8L3. We have from volume 6, 1984, to the present.

Law and psychology review.             Bound periodicals K12.A92. We have from volume 1, 1975 to the present. This is a law review published by the students at the University of Alabama law school. About half of the articles are written by the students.

Law and society review.             Bound periodicals K12.A93 We have from volume 1, 1966 to the present, with the exception of volume 27, 1993. The policy of the journal is to publish “work bearing on the relationship between society and the legal process”. Articles on the psychological aspects of law are published here, as well as articles on other aspects of law.

Medicine, science and the law.             Bound periodicals RA1001.M4. This publication covers mainly toxicology and medical pathology, but does publish occasional articles on forensic psychology topics. We have from volume 1, 1960 to the present.

Psychoanalytic psychology.             Bound periodicals RC500.P8. We have from volume 6, 1989 to the present.

Psychotherapy.             Bound periodicals RC475.P73. We have from volume 4, 1967 to the present.

Schizophrenia bulletin.             Bound periodicals RC514.A1 S3. We have from volume 1, 1975 to the present.

Substance use and abuse.             Bound periodicals RC566.A1I5. We have from volume 1, 1966 to the present.

Suicide and life-threatening behavior.             Microfiche RC569.S93. We have from volume 6, 1976 to the present.

The psychoanalytic study of the child.             Reference BF721.P8. An annual publication that contains some relevant material. We have from volume 1, 1945 to the present.

Non-English language journals:

Annales medico psychologiques / Bulletin officiel de la societe medico-psychologiques.
Special Collections RC321.A5 This is an annual French language publication. Each volume has an author and subject index. We have from 1870 to 1963.

Bulletin / Societe de medecine legale de France.
Special Collections RA100.S6 We have from 1869 to 1921.

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