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Date: 1894/4/12; Reels(s): 11-13.
Defendant(s): Henry Meyer, Sex: M; William Reuter, Sex: M; Henry Meyers, Sex: M; Hugo Mayer, Sex: M; Maria Meyers, Sex: F; Emilie Baum, Sex: F; Maria Meyer, Sex: F;
Charge(s): Murder (1st degree);
Judge: Frederick Smyth;
Defense Attorney(s): Charles W. Brooke; Lewis S. Chanler; William J. O'Sullivan;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): John R. Fellows; Randolph B. Martine; John F. McIntyre; Francis L. Wellman;
Note(s): Volume 1: examination of jurors
Stenographer Number: 2159, 818; Page(s): 6 v.

Court: Court of General Sessions

TRIAL #3109
Date: 1896/07/03; Reels(s): 372.
Defendant(s): Adolph Hershkopf, Sex: M; Meyer Dietchek, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Arson;
Judge: Edgar L. Fursman;
Defense Attorney(s): Albert Bach; Robert H. Elder; John Brooks Leavitt; William N. Loew;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Vernon M. Davis; Henry S. Davis; John R. Fellows;
Note(s): Impleaded with Meyer Dietchek.
Stenographer Number: 663; Page(s): 213 p.

Court: New York Supreme Court

TRIAL #3272
Date: 1889/03/06; Reels(s): 412.
Defendant(s): Thomas B. Kerr, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Bribery;
Judge: Charles Daniels;
Defense Attorney(s): John H. Bird; Noah Davis; Robert G. Ingersoll;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): John R. Fellows; James Fitzgerald; Mckenzie Semple;
Note(s): Adjourned. Indicted for bribing alderman to get franchise for Broadway Railroad. See case 3270 for first trial. See case 3269 for related trial.
Stenographer Number: 3440; Page(s): 760 p.

Court: Court of Oyer and Terminer


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