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TRIAL #3263
Date: 1921/01/11; Reels(s): 408 - 409.
Defendant(s): Robert P. Brindell, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Extortion;
Judge: John V. McAvoy;
Defense Attorney(s): Martin W. Littleton; John J. O'Connor;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Samuel Berger; Robert S. Johnstone; Stanley Richter; Albert B. Unger; Samuel Untermeyer;
Note(s): Volume I pre-trial motion for appeal and examination of jurors.
Stenographer Number: 3501; Page(s): 5 v.

Court: New York Supreme Court

TRIAL #3264
Date: 1921/03/07; Reels(s): 409 - 410.
Defendant(s): William H. Chapman, Sex: M; William J. Doran, Sex: M; Frank J. Fee, Sex: M; John T. Hettrick, Sex: M; John L. Knight, Sex: M; Charles A. Murphy, Sex: M; Wells and Newton Co., Sex: M;
Charge(s): Restraint of competition in business practices; Violation of Section 341 of General Business Law;
Judge: John V. McAvoy;
Defense Attorney(s): Nathaniel Cohen; J. Power Donellan; Robert H. Elder; Charles H. Hyde;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Leland B. Duer; Nathaniel L. Goldstein; Timothy Newell Pfeiffer; Kenneth M. Spence;
Stenographer Number: 3552; Page(s): 1021 p.

Court: New York Supreme Court


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