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Vol. XXV, No. 518 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY September 30, 1999

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In this issue:

Around The Nation: A coast-to-coast roundup of police news.
A watchdog with more teeth: Bigger role planned for NYPD review board.
Sample case: A-G’s panel says collecting DNA evidence from arrestees may be constitutional, but not yet practical.
Cut to the chase: PD fights order to reveal specifics of pursuit policy.
Who’s watching the watchers? U.S. Attorney forms unit to probe California PDs.
People & Places: Foody for thought; big day in Big D; body of evidence; Little Rock’s best; IACP history in the making.
Whodunnit: Did the Louima trial convict the wrong cop?
Keeping up: Phoenix-area police upgrade training & weapons to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
Stolen glances: Mass. legislators scramble to punish high-tech voyeurs.
Forum: When it comes to jail management, Compstat’s a keeper.
Bad credit: Ex-chief says police take credit for crime reductions they have little to do with.
Kid stuff: Mini-academy gives NJ youths a close-up look at police.
Black, white & red-faced: NAPO invites white separatist to discuss racial profiling.
Upcoming Events: Opportunities for professional development.

 People & Places

Foody for thought

     With no explanation to either his top deputies or the media, Syracuse, N.Y., Police Chief James T. Foody resigned on Aug. 9 after a meeting with the city’s Mayor. His abrupt departure came one week after the shooting death of a 19-year-old man.
     Mayor Roy Bernardi said that Foody has stepped down for personal reasons, refusing to explain the circumstances behind the resignation and thereby leaving open the question of whether the decision to step down was the Chief’s alone...

Big day in Big D

      Dallas City Manager Ted Benevides wasted no time breaking new ground in August when he decided to forego a national search and chose Assistant Chief Terrell Bolton to succeed Ben Click as the city’s top cop.
      Bolton is the first black man to hold the chief’s job in Dallas...

Body of evidence

     Eyewitness identifications may be notoriously unreliable, but Minneapolis Police Chief Robert K. Olson had little trouble in August spotting a suspect based on just one simple description — he’s naked.
     The nude suspect, who was eventually caught and charged along with two other men on weapons violations, is the first physical arrest Olson has made since becoming Chief. The incident began during the city’s National Night Out on Aug. 3. Olson was making neighborhood visits, as he does each year, when he heard a patrol officer radio for help. With no squad cars seeming to respond, the Chief cruised the area around Interstate 94 himself...

Best bet

      Considered the best that the Little Rock, Ark., Police Department has to offer by those who serve under him, Assistant Chief David Rowan has been named as the department’s acting chief while the city conducts a national search for a permanent successor to long-time chief Louie Caudell.
      Rowan, 48, who joined the Little Rock force in 1973, holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Central Arkansas and had worked closely with Caudell for the past decade. Before being promoted to assistant chief in 1991 by the chief, Rowan served as captain of the Organized Crime and Intelligence Division, now called the Special Investigations Division...