Law Enforcement News

Vol. XXV, Nos. 523, 524 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY December 15/31, 1999

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In this special double issue:

Reducing crime by aborting criminals.

Big rulings from the Court, with bigger ones to come.

Policing presents an unflattering profile.

A DWI strategy to make you sober up in a hurry.

COPS office takes some lumps, but loses little appeal.

Getting a head-start on year-end tech snafus.

The Y2K focus: First target the gremlins, then the terrorists.

New wrinkles in the fabric of the drug debate.

What color are your genes? More news on the DNA front.

Who’s looking over law enforcement’s shoulders? Lately, just about everyone.

Shooting gallery: A graphic roundup of the mass murders & spree shootings that colored 1999 blood red.

People & Places: Personalities who made 1999 distinctive.

Domestic abuse: New questions regarding a continuing problem.

The Columbine High School shooting catalyzes the gun issue.

Justice by the Numbers.

Shooting gallery
A graphic roundup of the mass murders and spree shootings that colored 1999 blood red.

March 11
Gonzales, La.
Baptist church
Shon Miller Sr. (arrested)
9mm. pistol
4 killed, 4 wounded

June 3
Las Vegas
Albertson’s Supermarket
Zane Michael Floyd, 23 (arrested)
Pump-action shotgun
4 killed, 1 wounded

May 20
Conyers, Ga.
Heritage High School
T.J. Solomon, 15 (arrested)
.357-cal. handgun
6 wounded

April 20
Littleton, Colo.
Columbine High School
Eric Harris, 16; Dylan Klebold, 17 (dead of self-inflicted gunshots)
Sawed-off shotguns; 9mm. semi- automatic rifle, semi-auto pistol;
home-made pipe bombs
13 killed, 23 wounded

Aug. 10
Los Angeles
North Valley Jewish Community Center
Buford O. Furrow Jr., 37 (arrested)
9mm. semi-auto pistol; 9mm. semi-auto rifle
1 killed, 5 wounded

July 29
Apartment; office building
Mark O. Barton (dead of self-inflicted gunshot)
Hammer; 9mm. pistol; .45-cal. Pistol
12 killed, 12 wounded

Aug. 28
Los Angeles
Apartment complex
Moo Von Paik, 58 (dead of self-inflicted gunshot)
Revolver; semi-auto pistol
4 killed

Nov. 3
Boatyard office
Kevin William Cruz, 30 (arrested)
9mm. semi-auto pistol
2 killed, 2 wounded

Sept. 15
Fort Worth, Texas
Wedgewood Baptist Church
Larry Gene Ashbrook, 47 (dead of self-inflicted gunshot)
.380-cal. semi-auto pistol; 9mm. semi-auto pistol
7 killed, 7 wounded

Dec. 4
Sacramento, Calif.
Kao Xiong, early 30s (dead of self-inflicted gunshot) Rifle; shotgun
5 killed

Dec. 6
Fort Gibson, Okla.
Fort Gibson Middle School
Seth Trickey, 13 (arrested)
9mm. semi-auto pistol
4 wounded

Nov. 2
Xerox Corp. offices
Byran Uyesugi, 40 (arrested)
9mm. semi-auto pistol
7 killed

Dec. 30
Tampa, Fla.
Silvio Izquierdo-Leyva, 36
9mm. semi-auto pistol;
.38-cal. revolver
5 killed, 3 wounded