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Vol. XXVII, Nos. 547, 548 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY January 15/31, 2001

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In this issue:

Around The Nation: A coast-to-coast roundup of police news.
No quick fixes: The LA County sheriff unveils a 30-year overhaul plan.
Mutual affection: Police & criminals alike in New Orleans love their Glock 40s.
Warming up to cold cases: Future forensic scientists aid investigators.
Tip of the hat: NAACP salutes NHSP.
People & Places: Cop-hating legislator cops out; woman at the helm; crocheting a tangled web; a pioneer’s passing; C-OP is a two-way street; hot wheels; sticking around; now you see them, now you don’t.
Boy, oh Boise: Landlords are targeted in drug crackdown.
Toxic export: A Massachusetts molester is suspected as Montana cannibal.
Vote-rocking: Town wants cops to show their voter IDs.
Forum: Community prosecution is the real deal; putting the drug war’s folly on the silver screen.
Trial & error: Simulations avoid real-life mistakes.
DC, we have a problem: Homicide unit overhaul is planned.
Info at the ready: FDLE expands its Web offerings.
Criminal Justice Library: “Tired Cops: The Importance of Managing Police Fatigue.”
Doffing their suit: Gun makers hope for a better deal from Bush.
R.I.P.: Police deaths surged in 2000.
Staying in: Court says sex offenders can still be held after prison terms are up.
Border crossing: Mexico court OKs drug suspect’s extradition.

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Community prosecution: the real deal

      My first exposure to community prosecution was in 1996. It was the kick-off pilot project initiated by Eric Holder, then the U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C., at a police district where I was a captain. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. The kick-off had all the trappings of the typical politically motivated event that ends up nowhere six months down the line.
      I can now say, without reservation, that community prosecution works. Further, I believe that community policing can never reach its full potential without the inclusion of the prosecutor as a full partner, joining the police and neighborhood residents...

The drug-war’s folly, on the silver screen

      The hit new movie “Traffic” paints a devastating portrait of America’s war on drugs. Director Steven Soderbergh cuts through all of the sanctimonious cant about the drug war to pose a rebellious question: Against whom are we waging this war?
      “Traffic” stars Michael Douglas as the newly appointed drug czar Robert Wakefield, whose challenge it is to reinvigorate the drug war for the president. In a private meeting with the departing drug czar, a former army general, Wakefield is taken aback by the general’s lament that years of effort have had no impact on the drug trade...