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Vol. XXIX, No. 598 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY April 30, 2003

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In this issue:

Around The Nation: A coast-to-coast roundup of police news.
People & Places: Putting his mettle to the pedals; a chief’s model policy; up for the game; a pioneer’s passing; PERF says ‘hail to the chief.’Putting his mettle to the pedals; a chief’s model policy; up for the game; a pioneer’s passing; PERF says ‘hail to the chief.’
Mind games: ‘Brain fingerprinting’ gets court OK.
Old West meets the new: Help from an unlikely source for a sheriff’s posse.
School’s out: A tuition-aid program for cops may be in peril.
Bargaining agents: FOP gives top priority to right-to-unionize legislation.
Crimes against nature: Special units tackle cactus thefts.
Selective enforcement: Giving a neighboring chief a break gets cop in hot water.
In the crosshairs: Las Vegas officials say the FBI kept them in the dark about terror threats.
Talk of the town: NYPD hostage unit marks 30 years of success.
Back to school: Kentucky doubles dispatcher training.
Learning to share: State & tribe focus on repeat DUI problem.
Heating things up: Border Patrol seeks to curb deaths in the desert.
Good news, bad news: FBI gets new intel chief — and new spy scandal.
Forum: What Marines & a sheriff’s tactical unit can learn from each other.
Paper chase: Pennsylvania cop is found to lack a key ingredient.
Cracks in the wall: The price of staying quiet about fellow cops’ drug conspiracy.

 People & Places

Big wheel

     Woe to the suspect who thinks he can outrun, outmaneuver and just generally flee on foot from Prince George’s County, Md., police Cpl. Anthony DeBarros, a man in training for the 2004 Olympics.

     A former distance runner who ran the 1994 Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Va., at an average pace of six minutes per mile, DeBarros hopes to earn a place on the Cape Verde islands mountain-bike team this year...

Model officer

     Modeling a business casual outfit, golf attire and his dress uniform was Moreno Valley, Calif., Police Chief Bill Di Yorio, one of the models who took a turn on the catwalk during a benefit fashion show this month.

     The event on April 5 was the 15th annual show held by the Moreno Valley Soroptimists, a branch of the international women’s group. Funds will be used to continue the club’s support of Alternatives to Domestic Violence and other local programs. Last year, more than $9,000 was raised, organizers said...

Up for the game

     He will not mount a family pet, but Tom Pregler, a Dubuque, Iowa, police officer and taxidermist, once made an exception for a pigeon.

     The 38-year-old Pregler has been practicing the craft of stuffing and preserving animal skins, and modeling them into life-like creations, since he was 14...

Pioneer’s passing

     Nassau County, N.Y.’s first black police commissioner, William Willett, succumbed to lung cancer on April 12. He was 71.

     Willett was one of the first African Americans on the force when he joined in 1953. A Long Island native, he knew the area and served as the department’s top community-relations officer during the turbulent 60s and 70s...

Hail to the chief

     Taking a department that in the mid-1990s was rife with discontent and the object of public distrust and gradually turning it into one that has become a “textbook example of police reform and professionalism” was enough to convince officials at the Police Executive Research Forum that its 2003 National Leadership Award should be awarded to Pittsburgh Police Chief Robert McNeilly.

     The award puts McNeilly in good company. Previous winners have included Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard; former Baltimore County, Md., police chief Cornelius Behan; Ruben Ortega, former police chief of Salt Lake City; Houston Mayor and former New York police commissioner Lee P. Brown,and Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton...