Law Enforcement News

Vol. XXX, No. 622 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY August 2004

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In this issue:

Around The Nation: A coast-to-coast roundup of police news.
Getting away with murder: Why it’s easier in Richmond.
Awaiting the ax: What fate awaits FBI computer upgrade?
Clearing the air: FCC makes more room at 800mhz for public safety.
People & Places: Reluctant goodbye; Hoover cleans up; straight to the top; ready, aim, fired; lobbying for more in Montana.
Small-town thinking: Portland follows others’ lead on weapons policy.
Cat & mouse: Police innovate to keep pace with speeders.
The face is familiar: Pressing the case for facial-recognition software.
The paper chase: Cops swamped with unserved warrants.
Breaking the chain: Additive may stick it to meth-makers.
Keeping it real: “Reno 911!” is a spoof with an edge.
Short Takes: Easy-to-digest news capsule.
Making their case: Suspects tell their side of story to grand juries.
Forum: You never stop learning.
Making an impact: DoJ focuses on violent crime in 15 cities.
Upcoming Events: Professional development opportunities.

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You never stop learning as a police officer

     This marks the end of training. It all starts for real now.

     New Hampshire law declares this a “part-time” academy. Don’t be fooled. Very few people will recognize that distinction. Drivers will pay the full fine on any traffic tickets you write, not a “part-time” discount. The drunk drivers you arrest are not any less arrested because you are a part-time police officer. When the domestic dispute calls are dispatched, you can’t duck ’em because you are a part-timer. ...