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Vol. XXXI, No. 629 A publication of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY February 2005

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In this issue:

Around The Nation: A coast-to-coast roundup of police news.
Mass. roundup: Voluntary DNA dragnet seen as key to Cape Cod murder. Page 1.
Try, try again: New York finally eases hardh 1970’s drug laws. Page 4.
When cops are the victims: Prosecutors are ready to step in. Page 4.
Double dose: Bad news on top of bad news in Boston. Page 4.
Baring arms (and more): Houston cops can now get naked with hookers. Page 5.
Sounding the alarm: Verified response comes to California. Page 5.
People & Places: New hands at the helm; oldie but goodie; dual identity; Monroe’s doctrine; model detective; rotten timing; breaking ’em up. Pages 6, 7.
Looking back: James Q. Wilson & George Kelling look at “Broken Windows,” 22 years later. Pages 8, 9.
Making house calls: NYPD sees results against domestic homicide. Page 11.
A click away: Connecticut to put anti-crime info at cops’ fingertips. Page 11.
Virtual reality nightmare: Online rape fantasy raises N.J. concerns. Page 11.
Criminal Justice Library: Stressed-out cops, and one despicable rogue. Page 12.
Forum: Memo to officials — cops vote! Page 13.
Time Capsules: 25 years ago in LEN. Page 15.

 People & Places

New hands at the helm

     Despite strong opposition from Democratic lawmakers, the U.S. Senate this month confirmed the nomination of White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales as the nation’s next attorney general. He becomes the first Hispanic to hold the post.

     Gonzales, 49, was confirmed by the narrowest margin of the past 30 years — 60 to 36. At issue was his role in shaping counterterrorism policies that some believe led to the abuse of prisoners in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba....

Oldie but goodie

     These days, law-enforcement officers who are military veterans tend to be those who have served in Iraq, or during the first Gulf War, or maybe, in the case of some senior officers, even Vietnam. Very few, if any, who fought in World War II are still on the job.

     Those select ranks include Cleveland Heights, Ohio, police Capt. Roland Salcer, who turned 80 in December. Salcer is believed to be the oldest working officer in Ohio, and among the oldest in the country. ...

Dual identity

     The Worcester, Mass., Police Department will give new meaning to the term cutting-edge law enforcement when it literally splits into two branches: one that will answer 911 calls for service, and the other that will respond to neighborhood concerns.

     The concept of a “split force” is the brainchild of Gary J. Gemme, the agency’s new chief. A 21-year veteran of the force, Gemme was sworn in in January after having served as acting chief since October. Gemme replaced Chief Gerald J. Vizzo, who retired after 10 months in the post....

Monroe’s doctrine

     While statistics can be helpful indicators of a community’s crime problem, they rarely tell the whole story. That’s why Richmond, Va.’s new police chief, Rodney Monroe, said he will listen more to citizens’ problems and rely less on the numbers.

     Monroe, 47, is a veteran law enforcer who spent the majority of his career with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. Highlights from his 22 years there include coordinating and managing the Million Man March in 1995, and a presidential inauguration in 1997. ...

A model detective

     Stephen Leighton is a real detective with the Martin County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department — he also happens to look as if he plays one on TV.

     With his spiked blond hair, toned body and blue eyes, Leighton, 27, could have had a career in modeling had it not been for his interest in police work. As it is, he splits his time between posing and law enforcement....

Rotten timing

     Four veteran Chicago police officers were arrested in January after their attempt to steal cocaine and cash from drug dealers was observed by undercover detectives from their own department who had the dealers under surveillance.

     Federal charges were brought against officers Broderick C. Jones and Corey A. Flagg, both 34; Eural J. Black, 41, and Darek A. Haynes, 35. ...

Breaking ‘em up

     The word is that Charleston, W.Va., Police Chief Brent Webster has everything one couldNE want in a supervisor, including a wicked sense of humor.

     “He can really bust a gut,” said Webster’s sister, state Delegate Carrie Webster, a Kanawha Democrat. ...