BJS survey adds look at use of force

This year’s National Crime Victimization Survey marks the first time that Bureau of Justice Statistics researchers have queried people about whether they have been the victim of excessive force by police.

The Federal omnibus anti-crime law approved in 1994 mandated that the Government attempt to gauge the extent of excessive use of force and evaluate the data in an annual report. While no findings will be reported about the hot-button topic this year, BJS spokesman Stu Smith confirmed that the questions were asked for the first time this year.

“We’ve started asking questions about it, but we don’t have anything to say publicly about it,” Smith told Law Enforcement News last month. “We are asking the questions in the survey, but we haven’t published any results. We don’t anticipate doing so until…well, not right away anyway.”


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Published in Law Enforcement News
Nov. 15, 1996.
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