Ga. PD’s hiring aim: No rapists in the ranks

Police officials in Fulton County, Ga., are looking for ways to screen potential sex offenders from the ranks following charges that a rookie officer raped a woman he had picked up shortly after responding to a disturbance call on Sept. 8.

As part of a review of the agency’s hiring procedures, Deputy Chief George Coleman, the head of internal affairs, said officials hope to administer a psychological test that might help them determine whether a recruit has a propensity for sexual misconduct.

The move came after Karl Craig, 24, became the second rookie officer since March to be charged with a sex crime. A judge reduced a rape charge against Craig to misdemeanor sexual battery, but police say they have evidence to support the rape charge.

Craig was fired after the incident.


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Published in Law Enforcement News
Nov. 30, 1996.
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