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The 1996 Law Enforcement News People of the Year:
The New York City Police Department and its Compstat process.

Timely intelligence; effective tactics; rapid deployment; relentless follow-up. It’s all there in one neat strategic package, and coupled with a thorough re-engineering of the department, it has crime on the run in the Big Apple.

What really brought down TWA Flight 800?

Voters have their say, and not everyone is happy.

The hate factor in crime.

A plague of flame upon America’s houses of worship.

The Dutch boy and the Mexican border.

Good news, bad news on youth crime.

What’s driving the nation’s crime rates?

Experts change their tune on juvenile crime wave.

Trouble on the line with 911 systems.

The technological edge.


The end of a 17-year trail for the Unabomber.

Policing troubles in Indian Country.

An FBI standoff with a different ending.

Use of force remains a hot-button issue.


Anyone for a traffic cop?

New perspectives on the drug issue.


Big events grab the spotlight, but local departments are where the action is.

Tainted badges.

Paying the piper for discrimination.

On the firing line over gun owners’ rights.

Right-wing extremism hasn’t gone away.

New ideas — and old — about imprisonment.

Justice by the Numbers.

People & Places

Some of the personalities who made 1996 distinctive.

Comments and Questions

Orders in the Court.

Shattering the peace in Atlanta.

When police kill themselves.

Houses divided: New initiatives on domestic violence.

The chase is on.

Striking back at sex predators.

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