Imitation is the sincerest form of crime reduction:
NYC’s Compstat continues to win admirers

Police officials from major U.S. cities have been beating a path to One Police Plaza in New York City ever since officials there credited the Police Department’s innovative Compstat anti-crime program for the unprecedented double-digit declines in crime that have been recorded in the past few years. [LEN Dec. 31, 1996.]

Now, officials from some of the police agencies who have made the pilgrimage are putting some of Compstat’s elements to use in their own departments.

In the past year, police officials from Washington, D.C.; New Orleans; Boston and, more recently, Indianapolis and Hartford, Conn., to name just a few, have begun to put into place their versions of Compstat, a statistics-driven program that increases information-sharing between police officials and vests greater responsibility and accountability in precinct commanders for what goes on  good or bad  in their precincts.

While Hartford and Indianapolis police officials say it’s too early to tell whether Compstat will work for them, expectations are running high. “We know where New York is, and we really want to be there,” Hartford Police Chief Joseph F. Croughwell Jr. told Law Enforcement News.


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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Oct 10, 1997. 
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