Kansas City fights prostitution
with the glare of publicity

Prostitution-related arrests have dropped by nearly half in a Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood plagued with streetwalkers and their customers, following the recent debut of “John TV,” a city-produced television program that shows the mugshots of men arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitutes.

The program, which debuted on a public-access cable channel on May 14 with a lineup of 44 mug shots, is the brainchild of City Councilwoman Teresa Loar, who took action after receiving repeated complaints from residents in her district.

Since the debut of the program, which airs on Wednesday mornings, arrests of men accused of soliciting prostitutes have been cut nearly in half, from 94 in June 1996 to 48 in June 1997, according to figures supplied by Loar.

Police are unwilling to give all of the credit for the plunge to the cable TV program, noting that the decline has come in conjunction with sting operations and increased patrols in the area. But, said Sgt. Jim Connelly, who supervises the Kansas City Police Department’s vice squad, it certainly hasn’t hurt.


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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Oct 10, 1997. 
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