Vol. XXII, No. 467 October 31, 1997

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On the road again
An anti-violence effort that has proved a hit in Boston is now making its mark in other cities.

Popularity poll
New York’s Compastat crime- control is still a nationwide hit.

All wet
Kentucky Water Patrol officers bristle over shift in oversight authority.

A good thing in a small package
Tiny video cameras aid Maine police.

No place like home
Boston residency rule rankles officers.


Stop, thief
Seattle police chalk up success with effort to curb car B&E’s.

Advance notice
Did county police applicants get an unfair edge on entry test?

Smile for the camera
Cracking down on prostitution, using unwanted publicity.

New Chief, new look
The LAPD’s bureaucracy gets flattened.

LEN interview
DEA Administrator Thomas A. Constantine.

Your friendly neighborhood D.A.
Maryland gives prosecution a community- oriented spin.

People & Places

A chief’s legacy
FBI’s No. 2 packs it in
Doing more with less
Shorn to uphold the law


A chief defines community policing.
The role of police in the legislative process.


Policing mass transit.
Police & the homeless.

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