One-officer state police cars raise the risks to copsí lives

Officers of state police or highway patrol agencies who are assigned to one-person patrol vehicles may face the greatest chance of being feloniously killed on duty, according to a study of law enforcement murders over a 21-year period.

The study, conducted by Lorie A. Fridell, an associate professor at Florida State University, and Antony Pate, a senior research associate at the university, analyzed 1,986 felonious killings counted by the FBI between 1972 and 1993. Murders of law enforcement officers made up 60 percent of the total of 3,438 on-duty law enforcement deaths during that period.

State police and highway patrol officers accounted for 174, or 9 percent, of the felonious deaths, while Federal law enforcement officers accounted for 53 deaths, or 3 percent.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Feb 14, 1997. 
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