Laughing matters: A different view of policing, courtesy of New York’s funniest cop

In the course of a day’s work, police have been known to use the line, “What’re you, some kind of comedian?” Officer John DiResta, a 10-year veteran of New York’s transit police, could easily ask that question while staring in a mirror, and then answer it with a resounding “yes.”

Since November. DiResta has been cracking up audiences with hilarious accounts of his police experiences, as part of his off-Broadway show, “Beat: A Subway Cop’s Comedy.” The show has wowed some of the city’s most finicky theater critics while selling out the Kaufman Theater on 42nd Street several times.

DiResta, 32, wrote and stars in the show that deals largely with his six years as a member of the New York City Transit Police Department, which was merged two years ago into the city police force. DiResta continues to serve, as he did before the merger, as a homeless-outreach officer, distributing food and offering shelter to homeless people who take refuge in subway stations.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Feb 14, 1997. 
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