Nebraska cops go back to school
Police, educators in new bond

In an effort to increase school safety and give parents some peace of mind, Nebraska’s school districts are increasingly involving local police in the protection of students.

Since the fall, officers have been assigned to the Papillon-LaVista school district, and to middle schools and high schools in Council Bluffs, Lincoln and Omaha. In one district, officials are aggressively combating drug use by bringing in a drug-sniffing dog for midnight searches of student lockers, and are also random, parent-approved drug testing of teen-agers.

The cooperation between school officials and law enforcement, which is due in part to state legislation that requires districts to report to police any student who has broken the law on school grounds, has even passed muster with the Nebraska Civil Liberties Union.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Feb 14, 1997. 
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