Santa Fe cops-in-schools program gets left back

Some Santa Fe, N.M., school officials say they are disappointed that the Police Department scaled back the number of officers assigned full time to schools this academic year, but a high-ranking police official says the action was taken to ensure that the department can effectively address crime problems throughout the city.

Police Chief  Carlos Jaramillo, who replaced former Chief Don Grady III last year, decided to cut back the school operation because he felt the program was being undertaken at the expense of other critical crime issues facing the city, according to Capt. Ray Rael, commander of the 126-officer departmentís Investigations Division.

Specifically, Jaramillo reassigned officers that Grady had posted to the cityís four middle schools, while detectives stationed at the cityís two high schools remain. However, the high school detectives, while assigned to the schools full time, must also handle other criminal cases, Rael told Law Enforcement News.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Feb 14, 1997. 
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