Police careers in jeopardy
Federal domestic violence law may strip some cops of their guns—and their jobs.

Risk Factors
Study assesses cops’ risk of being feloniously killed on duty.

Stat of the union
Preliminary UCR figures show crime continuing its downward track.

Laughing matters
A one-man show from New York’s funniest cop.

Who does 911 call for help?
Atlanta’s year-old communications system is due for some upgrades.

Cops in school
New Cooperative ventures between police & educators in Nebraska.

Walk & don’t look back
Changes are due for the LA sheriff’s work-release program, after felons fly the coop.

Heavy duty
Ohio troopers challenging agency weight standards belly up to the bar—of justice—and lose.

Spinning a Web site
The Kansas City PD boast two sites in cyberspace.

Around the Nation

Cops out of school
Santa Fe educators want their police back.

LEN interview:
Herman Goldstein, the father of problem-oriented policing.

All secure?
Not at the Minneapolis PD’s evidence room, where a state audit has found shoddy inventory control.

People & Places

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Watson’s a jolly good fellow
A hero to the marrow
Retirement beckons Beck
The DoJ Shuffle
Following the parade to High Point
Housing honcho; Agents of change


Lessons learned from “thinking outside the box.”


A year in the life of juvenile court
Hover & his G-men

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