What fashion-conscious cops are wearing
(in some places)

It’s never easy keeping up with fashion trends. It seems that earrings are “in” among officers of the West Haven, Conn., Police Department, but the jewelry is strictly “out” in Fort Collins, Colo., which recently barred officers from wearing the adornments unless they are working undercover narcotics operations.

During a recent policy review, West Haven Police Chief Michael Kelly gave formal approval to allow the agency’s 116 officers to wear earrings. The policy, which took effect Oct. 30, allows officers to sport small ball earrings or circular studs “with no more than one stud per ear lobe.” Studs “may be gold, silver or another precious metal or stone,” the policy states.

The wearing of earrings was never addressed by Fort Collins Police Services until recently when the agency decided against allowing the practice after conducting several months of research into policies in effect at other agencies, said a police spokesman. An officer who showed up at work wearing earrings was ordered by his supervisor to remove them. The incident sparked the review when it became apparent that the agency’s dress code did not cover earrings.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Jan 15, 1997. 
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