“Stealth” cars give NJ troopers an extra edge on the roads

Motorists along New Jersey highways might be doing double-takes at the new cruisers being put into service by the State Police: The agency’s new “semi-marked vehicles” have no tell-tale light bars on their roofs, making them less likely to be spotted by moving violators.

Instead, the 1996 Crown Victorias now being deployed by the agency have standard police lights built into such unlikely locations as the vehicle’s front grill, the rear of each rear-view mirror and the dashboard. Lights are also contained in the vehicles’ rear bumper panels and the rear shelf of the interiors. All of the markings, decals and equipment are the same as the agency’s marked vehicles, said John Hagerty, a State Police spokesman.

The New Jersey State Police joins a growing list of state police agencies that have lowered the profile of their patrol vehicles  much to the dismay of motorists, who have dubbed semi-marked cruisers as “stealth” cars.

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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Jan 15, 1997. 
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