New fitness test dawns in Aurora—after union has a fit

Hurdles that delayed the implementation of a new physical agility test for Aurora, Colo., police officers have apparently been resolved, after the local police union had objected to disciplinary actions for those who failed to complete the test in just over a minute.

Kevin Flynn, a 10-year police veteran who serves as grievance steward for the 500-member Aurora Police Association, told Law Enforcement News that officials agreed late this month to give officers more chances to pass before imposing discipline.

The union objected to the implementation of the exam, which police officials had planned four months ago, because of tough job sanctions, ranging from written reprimands to 30-day suspensions and termination, which would accrue against officers who repeatedly failed to complete the course in the allotted time. Union leaders also protested a decision to shave 2.2 seconds off the cut-off time later this year, thereby requiring officers to complete the course in 3.8 seconds.


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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Jan 31, 1997. 
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