Nashville’s domestic violence unit has others sitting up & taking notice

The Domestic Violence Division of the Nashville, Tenn., Police Department, perhaps the largest entity of its kind in the nation, is making a difference in its two short years of existence, prompting other law enforcement agencies around the country to take notice.

Thousands of law enforcement officials are beating a path to the unit to learn firsthand about its work, said Capt. Shirley Davis, a 25-year veteran of the agency who is the division’s commander. The division often hosts police officials visiting from other cities, and members of the unit are in high demand as speakers, she said in a recent interview with Law Enforcement News.

“A lot of the major police departments now are beginning to set up domestic violence divisions, but we were one of the first,” Davis noted.

The division, which was started in August 1994, has plenty of lessons to offer. Its staff of 18 detectives and three counselors, along with other police supervisors and counselors who are assigned to the unit on an as-needed basis, handled over 20,000 calls last year, and followed up on nearly 14,000 reports, Davis said.


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Excerpted from Law Enforcement News
Jan 31, 1997. 
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