Return engagement
The Police Corps is alive and well, with help from Congress.


Still controversial
The Police Corps is still a sore point for some.

Feeling fit
Department to roll out new physical agility test after answering union objections.

The Nashville PDs approach to domestic violence has others taking notice.

Are we having funds yet?
Federal grants for Dallas-area agencies are stuck in the pipeline.

Stress reduction formula
NIJ attacks chronic police problem with new grants.

Bicoastal bias, 1
EEOC rips into suburban New York force for minority bias.

Going the wrong way
As overall crime rates tumble, juvenile drug abuse & drug crime chug along.

True-or-false test
The price of lying in the NYPD could include your job.

What’s the frequency?
Law enforcement pushes for more room on a jammed radio spectrum.

Around the Nation

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Bicoastal bias, 2
Judge in LA gives consent decree his personal once-over.

Going down
Seven Chicago cops get busted & residents aren’t surprised.

Police line-of-duty deaths do their own free-fall.

How low can it go?
New York’s murder toll drops to a 28-year low.

People & Places

Gumshoe in cyberspace
Why did the G-man spy
Bonded by bullets
Pursuing a hoop dream

The NYPD blues, being good & being lucky


Kelling & Coles’s “Fixing Broken Windows”

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