Welcome to LEN Online, brought to you by the Lloyd Sealy Library at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY.  This site is designed to acquaint Web browsers with Law Enforcement News, as well as to serve the information needs of the newspaper’s constituents: the law enforcement profession and those with a working interest in the field.

LEN Online will contain several back issues of the newspaper in their entirety, along with synopses of recent issues and a variety of full-length articles.


Law Enforcement News, the nation’s newspaper of record for the police profession, was founded in 1975 by John Jay College to fill a communications void in law enforcement.  Today, the twice-monthly newspaper is generally acknowledged to be the most influential publication of its kind in American policing, read by thousands of readers in all 50 states and more than a dozen foreign countries.

After more than 400 issues and 20,000 articles, Law Enforcement News remains dedicated to one cause: the professionalization of law enforcement.  This is achieved through the timely dissemination of news and other information on the innovations and the problems in the field, the trends and developments, and the men and women whose leadership and ideas are shaping the profession.

The widespread influence of Law Enforcement News may be seen in part in new laws, policies and procedures that have been adopted as an outgrowth of the newspaper’s coverage.  Senior staff members are regularly sought out as sources of information by the general news media, and the paper’s reporting has served as the basis for expanded features on such television news programs as 60 Minutes and Inside Edition.  Law Enforcement News is required reading in numerous college-level police science and criminal justice classes nationwide.  (The newspaper was also featured in the best-selling novel The Silence of the Lambs.)