Library Publications

    APA Style: Bibliographic Form PDF
A brief introduction to using the APA Style of bibliographic citation, with examples.  [Note: The John Jay College Policy on Plagiarism can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin online.] (October 2010)

    APA Reference Style Citations for New Media PDF
Uniform methods for citing electronic media are still evolving. In this handout, we created a pattern for citing electronic references consistent with the latest information available from the American Psychological Association.  [Note: The John Jay College Policy on Plagiarism can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin online.] (August 2010)

    APA Style: Research Paper Format PDF
This quick guide gives a sample of the cover page, text of the paper, and list of References. (October 2003)

    Asian and Asian American Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
This guide serves as an introduction to the resources in the John Jay College Library in the areas of Asian criminal justice and legal studies and Asian American criminal justice and legal studies. It also provides Internet links and suggests additional resources available in New York City. (1997)

    Basic Outlining
A brief guide to writing an outline. 

    Biographies: Looking for Full-Text Biographical Material?
This guide provides advice on finding biographical information about people using both electronic databases and reference books. (March 2004)

    Central booking: The Literature of Law Enforcement
A special supplement to Law Enforcement News introduces its readers to the broad sweep of current literature in the field of law enforcement, with an annotated bibliography of original printed materials that have been released since 2000. (April 2002)

    Crime in New York PDF

    Database Guides
Each guide provides advice on the use of specific databases.

    Domestic violence: Multicultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence in the U.S.
This Bibliography focuses primarily on battered women of color in the home within the United States. (March 2005)

    Domestic violence: Police Response to Spouse Abuse
This guide provides lengthy annotations to materials concerning this controversial issue. Most of the bibliography is arranged by recommendations on arrest as an intervention. In addition, library locations and formats are provided. (October 1997)

    Environmental Justice Resources
The Environmental Protection Agency defines environmental justice as "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people... with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies." This handout shows how to get an overview of this important topic using the Sealy Library's electronic resources and online catalog. It also lists relevant library books and Web sites.

    Forensic Psychology: A Guide to the Lloyd Sealy Library Resources
This bibliography lists the more significant reference works and journals, and their call numbers, and suggests what relevant databases and indexes you can use to search the periodical literature. (August 2001)

    Forensic Science: Career Information – An Annotated Bibliography
Locating information on career and professional opportunities in the forensic sciences can be difficult. Fortunately, members of the John Jay community do not have to go far to find such information. Listed below are resources in the Lloyd Sealy Library which will provide researchers with valuable information for such careers. (2000)

    Guide to Legal Resources PDF
In the Lloyd Sealy Library at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (4th edition of Basic Legal Research 2003).

    Health and Fitness: Doing Research in Health & Fitness for PED Classes
This guide provides advice on selecting and researching topics concerning health and fitness. Recommendations are given for the best web sites and periodical databases to use. (February 2004)

    Health and Fitness: Finding Consumer Health Information on the Web
This guide provides advice on using two web sites that specialize in health information for consumers: Healthfinder and Medlineplus. (January 2004)

    How to Brief a Case
A guide on how to brief a legal case.

    How to Find a Case PDF
This quick guide focuses on reading and locating legal citations in print editions of case reporters.

    International Criminal Justice: A Research Guide (April 2005)

    Is It a Scholarly Journal?
This brief guide will help answer that perennial question. (November 2003)

    John Jay: Selected Resources in the Lloyd Sealy Library PDF(December 2005)

    Literature: Hispanic Authors – Literary Sources
A quick guide to sources of information on Hispanic authors. (1998)

    Middle East and Islam: A Reference Guide PDF
Resources available in the Lloyd Sealy Library, plus some online resources. (January, 2006)

    The Native Americans of North America: A Research Guide for the Lloyd Sealy Library
This guide is designed primarily as an introduction to the resources in John Jay College library in the area of Native American studies. The aim of the guide is to help users of John Jay library to locate the material that the library has in this field and suggest some additional resources available in New York City. (1996)

    Prisoner reentry: a pathfinder (July 2005)

    Psychological Tests: A Guide to the Lloyd Sealy Library Resources
This guide identifies web sites and printed directories which provide helpful details about specific psychological tests. (2004)

    Quick Guide to the Library PDF (2004)

    Researching New York City
A guide to resources available in the Lloyd Sealy Library and beyond: reference works, newspapers online, New York City affairs, libraries and archives. (February, 2007)

    Security Management: Private Security – A Research Guide to the Lloyd Sealy Library
This list encompasses reports, manuals, directories, encyclopedias and dictionaries, periodicals, indexes, and Internet sites. (1998)

    Specialized Encyclopedias
This guide lists and describes some recently acquired Sealy Library specialized encyclopedias. Many of them relate to criminal justice. Some are available electronically. All have been published since 2005.

    Statistics: Sources Everyone Should Know
This guide identifies nine key sources for locating statistics. Several of the sources focus on statistics about crime, corrections, prisons, the criminal justice system,etc. The other sources (including the U.S. Census Bureau) provide general and geographic statistics on population, economy, education, etc.

    Terrorism Pathfinder
A quick guide to resources on terrorism in the library. (April 2009)

    Troubleshooting: Searching for Articles
This guide tells how to make changes in your search strategy when you are having trouble finding articles in the library electronic databases. The focus is on picking the right database and revising your keyword search. (March 2004)

    Web: Don't judge a web site by its colors.
This guide provides specific techniques for determining if a particular web site is a reliable source. For example: how do you find the home page for the sponsor of particular web pages. (March 2004)

    Web: Evaluating Information Sources on the WWW
This guide focuses on four basic criteria for the evaluation of sources on the Web: authority, accuracy, objectivity and currency. (January 1997)

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