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   Ancel, M. (1962). The death penalty in European countries. Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

Stacks KJ .A538d 1962

   Camus, A. (1960). Reflections on the guillotine, an essay on capital punishment. (R.Howard, Trans.). Michigan City,Ind.: Fridtjof-Karla Publications.

Stacks HV8555 .C313

   The death penalty: abolition in Europe (Roger Hood, Introd. and Sergei Kovalev, Conclus.). (1999). Strasbourg: Council of Europe Pub.

Stacks K 5510 .D42 1999

   Juveniles and the death penalty: executions worldwide since 1985. (1998). New York, N.Y.: Amnesty International.

Reference HV 8694 .J88 1998

   Otterbein, K. F.(1986). The ultimate coercive sanction: a cross-cultural study of capital punishment. New Haven, Conn.: HRAF Press.

Stacks HV8694 .O87 1986

   Schabas,W. (c1997) The abolition of the death penalty in international law (2nd ed.). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Reference Law K 5104 .S33 1997

   Schabas, W. (1996). The death penalty as cruel treatment and torture: capital punishment challenged in the world's courts. Boston: Northeastern University Press.

Stacks K 5104 .S335 1996

   United Nations. Economic and Social Council. (1988). Safeguards guaranteeing protection of the rights of those facing the death penalty. New York: United Nations, Dept. of Public Information,

Reference Law K 5510 .U55 1988

   Viccica, A.D. (1982). Political recourse to capital punishment. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Rutgers University (Newark).

Stacks HV8694 .V5 1982a

   When the state kills: the death penalty, a human rights issue.(1989). New York, NY : Amnesty International USA.

Reference Law K 5104 .A75 1989b

   Allmand, W.(1975). The prevention and control of violent crime in Canada. Ottawa: Solicitor General, Canada, Communication Division.

Microfiche AC1 .C7 CR 0046

   Beattie, J. & Distad, L. (1977). Attitudes towards crime and punishment in upper Canada, 1830- 1850: a documentary study. Toronto: Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto.

Stacks HV6809.O6 B4

   Canada: Department of Justice. (1965). Capital punishment: material relating to its purpose and value. Ottawa.

Stacks HV8694 .C25

   Jayewardene, C.H.S. (1989). After abolition of the death penalty. Ottawa: Crimcare.

Stacks HV 8699 .C2 J37 1989

   Jayewardene, C.H.S. (1975). The Canadian experiment with the penalty of death. (Thorsten Sellin, Introd.). Ottawa: Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa.

Stacks HV8699.C2 J379

   China, violations of human rights: prisoners of conscience and the death penalty in the People's Republic of China.(1984).London: Amnesty International.

Stacks JC599.C6 C48 1984

   Imbert, J. (1972). La peine de mort. Paris: Presses universitaires de France.

Stacks HV8694 .I52 1972

   Lenotre, G. (1929). The guillotine and its servants. (Mrs. Rudolph Stawell, Transl.). London: Hutchinson.

Special Collections HV 8555.L46 1929

   Naish, C. (1991). Death comes to the maiden: sex and execution, 1431-1933. New York: Routledge.

Stacks HV 8551 .N35 1991

   Soubiran, A. (1964). The good doctor Guillotin and his strange device. (Malcolm MacCraw., Transl.). London: Souvenir Press.

Stacks R 507 .G8 S63


   Evans, R.J. (1996). Rituals of retribution: capital punishment in Germany, 1600-1987. New York: Oxford University Press.

Stacks HV 8699 .G3 E93 1996

   Keller, D. (1968). Die Todesstrafe in kritischer Sicht. Berlin, De Gruyter.

Stacks HV8694.K3 T6
Great Britain

   Block, B.P. & Hostettler, J.(1997). Hanging in the balance: a history of the abolition of capital punishment in Britain (Lord Callaghan of Cardiff, Introd.). Winchester: Waterside Press, 1997.

Stacks KD 7885 .C3 B58 1997

   Bresler, F.S. (1965). Reprieve; a study of a system (Baron Chuter-Ede of Epsom, Introd.). London, G.G. Harrap.

Stacks HV8699.G8 B7

   Calvert, E. (1931). The death penalty enquiry: Being a review of the evidence before the Select Committee on Capital Punishment, 1930. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd.

Special Collections Room HV 8699 .G8 C3 1931

   Chadwick, R. (1992). Bureaucratic mercy: the home office and the treatment of capital cases in Victorian Britain. New York: Garland Pub.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 C43 1992

   Christoph, J.B. (1962). Capital punishment and British politics; the British movement to abolish the death penalty, 1945-57. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Stacks HV8699.G8 C47

   Cooper, D. (1974).The lesson of the scaffold: the public execution controversy in Victorian England. Cooper. Athens: Ohio University Press.

Stacks HV8699.G8 C66 1974

   Goodman, J. & Wadell, B. (1987). The Black Museum: Scotland Yard's chamber of crime. Bill Waddell. London: Harrap.

Stacks HV 6943 .G66 1987

   Gatrell, V. A. C. (1994). The hanging tree: execution and the English people 1770-1868. New York,N.Y.: Oxford University Press.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 G38 1994

   Great Britain. Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (1953). Report: presented to Parliament by command of Her Majesty, September, 1953.

Stacks KD7885.C3 A25 1980

   Hollis, C. (1964). The Homicide (Gerald Gardiner, Introd.). London:V. Gollancz.

Stacks KD7963 .H6

   Koestler, A. (1957). Reflections on hanging. (E. Cahn, Preface, and S. Silverman, Afterword). New York: Macmillan.

Stacks HV8694 .K65 1957

    Laurence, J. (1932). A history of capital punishment, with special reference to capital punishment in Great Britain. London: S. Low, Marston & Co. ltd.

Stacks HV 8694 .P7 1932

   Linebaugh, P. (1991). The London hanged: crime and civil society in the 18th century. London: Allen Lane.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 L55 1991

   Mackesy, R. (1993).Lethal lottery or coherent scheme: pardons and rationality in late-18th century London. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, City University of New York.

Special Collections LD 3835 .A5 M327 1993

   National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment. (1974). Murder and capital punishment in England and Wales. London: Howard League for Penal Reform.

Stacks KD7885.C3 N38

   O'Donnell, B. (1956). Should women hang? London: W. H. Allen.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 O3

   Potter, J.D. (1965). The fatal gallows tree. London: Elek.

Stacks HV8579 .P6

   Potter, H. (1993). Hanging in judgment: religion and the death penalty in England. New York: Continuum.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 P67 1993

   Russell, E. (1991). The case against capital punishment. (Rev. ed.). London: Howard League for Penal Reform.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 R87 1991

   Sharpe, J. A. (1990). Judicial punishment in England. London: Faber.

Stacks HV 9644 .S42 1990

   Skene, F. (1984). Scenes from a silent world. New York: Garland.

Stacks HV9647 .S55 1984

   Thesing, W. (ed.).(1990). Executions and the British experience from the 17th to the 20th century: a collection of essays. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, c1990.

Stacks HV 8699 .G8 E94 1990

   Thomas, D. (1994). Hanged in error? London: Hale.

Stacks KD 8464 .T45 1994

   Tuttle, E.A. (1961). The crusade against capital punishment in Great Britain. (Edward Glover, Introd.). Chicago: Quadrangle Books.

Stacks HV8699.G8 T87

   Barkan, I.. Capital punishment in ancient Athens. New York: Arno Press. (Original work published in 1936).

Stacks KBB .L828s 1979

   Lofberg, J.O.(1979). Sycophancy in Athens. New York: Arno Press.(Original work distributed in 1917).

Stacks KBB .L828s 1979

   Agarwas, R. & Kumar, S.(Eds.).(1986).Crimes and punishment in new perspective (Hans-Heinrich Jescheck, Introd.). Delhi, India: Mittal Publications.

Stacks KPN .C929 1986

   Owsley,B. (1995). Iraq: Iraq's brutal decrees; amputation, branding and the death. New York, N.Y.: Human Rights Watch/Middle East.

Stacks JC 599 .M53 N49 v.7 no.3

   Chevigny,P. (1993). Human rights in Jamaica: death penalty, prison conditions and police violence. New York, N.Y.: Human Rights Watch Americas.

Stacks JC 599 .L3 N49 v.5,no.3

   Amnesty International.(1983).The death penalty in Japan: report of an Amnesty International mission to Japan, 21 February-3 March 1983. London: Amnesty International Publications.

Stacks KQP .A522 1983
Saudi Arabia

   Bencomo, C. (1997). Saudi Arabia, flawed justice: the execution of abd al-Karim Mara i al-Naqshabandi. New York, N.Y.: Human Rights Watch/Middle East.

Stacks JC 599 .M53 N49 v.9 no.9E
South Africa

   Colgan, D. (1991). Review of the death penalty in 1991: a report on the initial findings of the Section 119 Review Panel. South Africa: Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in South Africa, Johannesburg Local Chapter.

Stacks HV 8699 .S6 C63 1991

   El-Sheikh, M. (1987). The applicability of Islamic penal law (Qisas and Diyah) in the Sudan. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Temple University.

Stacks LD 1 no. 565

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