Lloyd Sealy Library                                                                                                                    John Jay College of Criminal Justice


A Research Guide to the Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
by Ellen Sexton
Reference Librarian
 March, 1997
Reprinted 9/98

Directories are good sources for locating names, addresses and telephone numbers.   You can use them to locate information on specific people and organizations, or use them to identify the existence of people or organizations in a particular field.  This guide will help you to identify a suitable directory for locating the information you need.  Included here are directories listing firms and agencies that may provide career opportunities in particular occupational areas, directories providing information about politicians, their backgrounds and the way they have voted on important issues, and directories listing the names and addresses of international organizations, among many others.  John Jay Library has directories covering a wide range of subjects, although directories relating to criminal justice predominate.   

The dates of publication of the works listed in this guide represent John Jay library holdings as of March 1997.  If you are using this guide subsequent to this date, check the library catalog (DPAC ) for a later edition of the work you wish to consult.  Many of these directories are updated annually or biennially.  Some, however, are one time only publications that may have been financed by a particular grant.  These tend to be non-commercially viable publications covering subject matter of limited interest to the general public, and may never be revised or updated.  Some of the older publications listed here are of this type.  Although old, they are included due to the unique nature of their subject matter.  When using directories that are more than five to ten years old, check to see if the organizations listed there that are of interest to you are still in existence.  Even if the organization is still in existence, the address and the phone numbers may have changed.

The guide is divided into sections according to subject matter.  Each section is sub-divided geographically into organizations and people within the United States, and organizations that are  foreign or international in scope.  Within each subdivision, the directories are arranged roughly according to importance and general usefulness.  The most current and the most comprehensive directories are found towards the start of the sub-division.  The directories that are more limited in scope, e.g., that are limited to a certain geographic area, or are limited in scope to aspect of the subject matter, are listed towards the end of the sub-division.

This guide is organized into sections as follows:

1       Associations
2       Criminal Justice
3       Law enforcement
4       Corrections
5       Probation and parole
6       Forensic science
7       Fire science
8       Security
9       Social services
10     Drugs and alcohol
11     Health related organizations
12     Minority resources
13     Legal information
14     Government agencies and officials
15     Education
16     Libraries
17     Publishers
18     Who's who publications
19     Internet directories


Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions constantly form associations....  If men living in democratic countries... never acquired the habit of forming associations in ordinary life, civilization itself would be endangered.

       Alexis de Tocqueville. (1840). Democracy in America, pages 106-107. New York: Langley.

United States:

Reference AS22.E5 1996
       Encyclopedia of associations.
Detroit: Gale Research.

The most complete guide to national organizations in the United States.

Reference AS911.A2 F65 1996
       The Foundation directory.
New York, NY: The Foundation Center.

Provides information about non-profit foundations in the United States.

Reference AS25.R4 1996
       Research centers directory.
Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co.

Lists non-profit and university-related research facilities in the United States and Canada. A personal name index to the staff of the research centers is included.

Reference E172.D5 1990
       Directory of historical organizations in the United States and Canada.
Nashville, TN: AASLH Press.

Lists historical societies, museums, etc. in the United States and Canada.

Reference HN90.R3G84 1986
       Guide to the American left: directory and bibliography.
Kansas City, MO: Editorial Research Service.

Alphabetical listing of left-wing organizations within the United States.

Reference TD169.L36 1991
       The nature directory.
New York, NY: Walker and Co.

Provides an overview of environmental groups.

Reference HN90.R3685 1986
       Guide to the American right: directory and bibliography.
Kansas City, MO: Editorial Research Service.

Alphabetical listing of right-wing organizations within the United States.

Telephone directories:

Reference HE6361.N37 1995
       National five digit zip code and post office directory.
Washington, DC: U.S. Postal Services.

Telephone directories for New York City and nearby counties in New York State are kept beside the Reference Desk and in the Reserve Room.

International organizations:

Reference JK9104.Y4 1996/97
       Yearbook of international organizations.
(Three volumes ). Brussels, Belgium: Union of International Associations.

Supplies descriptions, histories and addresses of international organizations. Entries in volume one are arranged alphabetically, and they provide the greatest amount of information about the organization. Volume two lists the same organizations by subject, and volume three lists them by country.

Reference JC571.M345 1994
       Masterlist: a listing of organizations concerned with human rights and social justice worldwide.
Ottawa, Ontario: Human Rights Internet, University of Ottawa.

Entries listed alphabetically, with subject, geographic and acronym indexes at the back. Published as a supplement to Human Rights Internet reporter, volume 15.

Reference AS2.W6 1995
       The world of learning.
London: Europa Publications.

Provides the names, addresses and phone numbers of colleges, universities, research institutions, libraries and other educational institutions all over the world. Lists some of the faculty/staff at some of them. Provides numbers of students and teaching staff, and the numbers of books in each library.

Reference AY414.C2 1991
       Canadian almanac and directory.
Toronto: Copp Clark Publishers.

Lists organizations, government departments, municipalities, educational establishments, publishers, libraries, archives, museums, art galleries and financial organizations in Canada. It also includes information on the Canadian judiciary and practicing lawyers.

Reference AS118.D56 1988
       Directory of British associations and associations in Ireland.
Beckenham, England: CBD Research Ltd.


United States:

Reference HV8130.C743 1987
       Criminal justice agencies directory.
Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census.

A comprehensive directory of all federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies in the United States. Includes law enforcement agencies listed by state, courts listed by state, prosecutors, correctional agencies and facilities, probation and parole agencies, and much more. Entries arranged by subject, subdivided by state. This extensive work is bound into about fifty parts with bright red bindings.

Reference HV 8130.L3 1986
       Directory of law enforcement and criminal justice associations and research centers.
Washington, DC: National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

Listings of over 300 nonprofit professional and volunteer social action associations and research centers active in the criminal justice fields. Listed alphabetically by the name of the organization, with a subject index at the end of the book. Due to the age of the publication, some information may no longer be valid.

Reference HV8130.N37 1996
       National directory of law enforcement administrators, correctional institutions and related agencies.

Entries arranged by type of agency. Provides names, addresses and phone numbers. The editions from 1995 on include sections on police training academies, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Canadian law enforcement.

Reference HV7419.5 A5 1991
       Anderson's directory of criminal justice education.
Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Pub. Co.

State by state listing of programs available in institutions of higher education. Programs described range from certificates to doctoral degrees. Includes criminology, law and justice related programs. There is an index to the schools listed at the back of the book.

Reference HV8138.D5 1994
       Directory of criminal justice information resources.
Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice.

Lists agencies and research organizations throughout the United States that provide information on criminal justice related issues. Notes the contact person, cost of services, areas of expertise, publications of the organizations, etc. There is a geographic index and an index of the libraries listed at the end of the book.

Reference HV7936.A8 N5 1993
       Directory of automated criminal justice information systems.
Washington, DC: Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Lists criminal justice software in use by agencies in the United States. Covers software used for law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation/parole and prosecution functions. Gives information about each agency, the hardware used, the software application, and the functions automated. A phone number and contact name is provided for each agency.

Reference HV8138.C6888 1990
       Criminal justice information exchange directory.
Rockville, MD: National Institute of Justice.

Provides quick access to the locations, holdings, and services of libraries and information centers with major criminal justice holdings. Includes a list of Government Publications Office regional depository libraries.

Reference HV9955.N7D57
       Directory of New York State criminal justice agencies.
Albany, NY: State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Provides the names, addresses, and phone numbers of New York State criminal justice agencies and their directors or top officials. Includes courts, police departments, correctional institutions, probation and parole agencies, police departments etc. There is no index; use the Table of Contents. Entries under each section are arranged alphabetically.

Reference HV9955.N7 D58 1985
       Directory of New York State criminal justice information sources.
Albany, NY: State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Lists agencies and their publications. Contains summaries of over 600 published research studies created or distributed by different criminal justice agencies operating in New York. Information is provided to facilitate the acquisition of the documents and a subject index is included to help in locating reports on particular subjects.


Reference HV6024.5 W67 1995
       A world directory of criminological institutes.
Rome: United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

Lists agencies and names of staff members. Includes some university departments. List of UNICRI publications at end of volume. No index. Institutions arranged by country, then listed alphabetically.

Reference law KE8285.D57 1994
       Directory of justice information and statistics personnel.
Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

Lists personnel in the Canadian criminal justice system. Entries are in English and French.

Reference HV9308.J87 1996
       Justice: directory of services.
Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Association for the Prevention of Crime.

The complete guide to criminal justice services in Canada. Includes courts, correctional authorities, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Divisions, voluntary organizations, and more. Federal government services are listed separately, with local services listed by province. Bilingual, in French and English. A later edition has been ordered.


United States:

Reference HV8130.S38 1991/92
       Scroggin's national law enforcement directory.
Montrose, CA: Scroggin's National.

The most complete directory of all law enforcement agencies and officials. Includes sections on police departments, county sheriffs, district attorneys, state and highway patrol, correctional agencies, security officers, and campus police. (Most recent year kept at reference desk).

Reference HV8130.J44 1992
       The Jeffer's directory of law enforcement officials.
New York, NY: Pace Publications.

Lists law enforcement agencies in the United States, and the names of the highest ranking officials in each. Phone numbers, addresses and fax numbers are included for each agency. Entries are arranged by state. (Most recent year kept at reference desk).

Reference HV7936.E7L47 1990
       Lesce, T. Police products handbook.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Describes and discusses different products, and provides manufacturers and vendors contact information.

Reference HV7431.D57 1989
       A directory of city policing programs.
Washington, DC: U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Lists criminal justice programs being implemented in U.S. cities. Describes each program, and gives contact name and address. Includes community crime prevention programs. Entries arranged by program type. No indexes.

Reference HV8143.W347 1992
       Warner, John W. Federal jobs in law enforcement.
New York: Prentice Hall.

Describes over a hundred federal agencies and organizations and the employment opportunities in law enforcement that are available in each. Discusses the functions and activities of the agencies, the training programs provided and the qualifications required.

Reserve room HV8143.P62
       Police career digest.
(Bimonthly). Winterhaven, FL: Police Career Digest.

Lists and describes positions open in police departments throughout the United States. Includes entry level and higher positions. Each issue profiles a particular police department. Useful for identifying career opportunities.

International law enforcement:

Reference HV7921.A59 1985
Andrade, John M. World police and paramilitary forces. New York, NY: Stockton Press.

A directory of police organizations worldwide. Includes historical, organizational and operational information along with addresses of training colleges, criminal investigations units, private security companies, etc. Entries are arranged by country. Countries are listed alphabetically.

Reference HV7900.I63 1987/88
       International security directory.
Oxfordshire: Court and Judicial Publishing.

An international listing of police forces, fire departments and companies that offer security services and supplies. Arranged by country and subject. About half of the book is devoted to the United Kingdom.

Reference HV8012.I57a 1994
       IACP membership directory.
Arlington, VA: International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Entries arranged by country.

Reference HV8195.P6 1996
       Police and constabulary almanac.
London, England: R. Hazell.

Lists police departments and their senior officers in the United Kingdom, as well as prisons, courts, government agencies, etc.


United States:

Reference HV9463.J6 1996
       Directory; juvenile and adult correctional departments, institutions, agencies, and paroling authorities.
College Park, MD: American Correctional Association.

Covers over 4,000 juvenile and state institutions in the United States and Canada. Includes extensive personnel data, some information on the inmate population, statistics on capital punishment, and information about the American Correctional Association and its publications.

Reference HV 9463.N3 1993/95
       National jail and adult detention directory.
College Park, MD: American Correctional Association.

Published as a companion to the directory above; includes detailed information on county and municipal jails and detention centers. Entries are arranged by state and provide information on the number of inmates, budget details, and the population of the local community. There are also some tables of statistics on inmates, facilities and personnel.

Reference HV8805.D489 1988
       National directory of corrections construction.

Contains floor plans and construction information for prisons and correctional institutions completed since 1985. Updated with a supplement published in 1993, at the same call number.

Reference HV8987.N37 1984
       National prison directory: a prison reform organizational and resource directory.
(1984). College Park, MD: Urban Information Interpreters.

Organizational profiles of prison reform groups and associations in the United States. Includes a special section on public library service to prisoners, and a bibliography of prison-related literature.

Reference HV8883.3.U5C67a 1996
       CEA directory: directory for correctional educators.
College Park, MD: Correctional Education Association.

Lists training programs in correctional education, as well as federal, state and provincial resource personnel in the United States and Canada.

Reference HV9104.C588 1995
       Correctional and juvenile justice training directory.
Richmond, KY: Eastern Kentucky University.

Reference HV9304.B67 1995
Bosoni, A. Post-release assistance programs for prisoners: a national directory. Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company.

Lists organizations and programs in the United States that offer assistance to ex-convicts. Entries are arranged by state, with separate sections listing programs specifically designed for women and veterans.

Reference HV8886.U5 P76 1985
       Directory of programs serving families of adult offenders.
Boulder, CO: National Institute of Corrections.

Lists by state various counseling programs offering services specifically for families of adult offenders. Some information is provided on what services are offered. Programs include group counseling in correctional facilities and support groups. 1995 edition has been ordered.

Reference HV8848.A54 1995
       ACSFA national membership directory.
Salt Lake City, Utah: American Correctional Food Service Association.

Lists members of the ACSFA, institutions and vendors. Includes by laws of the organization and criteria for certification of food professionals by the ACSFA.

International corrections:

Reference HV7419.I57 1987
       International directory of correctional administrators.
College Park, MD: American Correctional Association.

Arranged by country. Each entry consists of a brief overview of the country, with a history of the legal system, and corrections information, and a brief bibliography.

Reference HV9646.P685 1995
       The prisoners handbook 1995.
New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Lists and describes prisons in England and Wales. Gives detailed information on conditions and facilities in each, with comments from prisoners. Designed to inform future inmates, their relatives and friends as to what to expect at each location.


United States:

Reference HV9304.P76 1995/97
       Probation and parole directory.
College Park, MD: American Correctional Association.

Organizational and personnel information for over 6,000 parole boards, courts and probation departments in the United States and Canada. Lists services provided by each department, in addition to caseloads, salaries, etc. Entries arranged by state. A glossary at the end of the book defines probation and parole terms.

Reference HV9304.D57 1993
       Directory of United States probation and pretrial services officers.
Washington, DC: Probation Division, Administrative Office of the United States Courts.


Reference HV9278.N2 1996
       NAPO probation directory.
Ilkley, West Yorkshire: Owen Wells.

Information on parole and probation agencies in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, provided by the National Association of Probation Officers.

Juvenile justice:

Reference HV9104.D49 1992
       Disposition resource manual.
Reno, Nevada: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Lists and describes successful programs throughout the United States designed for juveniles, parents and other adults involved with children, with the aim of preventing delinquent behavior. Also includes programs for treating substance abusers and sex offenders, and programs for runaways and abuse victims. Describes each program, and discusses its effectiveness.

Reference HV9104.N2219 1987
       National directory of juvenile restitution programs.
Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice.

Lists agencies providing alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders. Provides a description of each agency, and the programs offered.

Reference HV9105.U56c 1995
       Competitive discretionary program announcements and application kit.
Washington, DC: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Describes the types of programs for which discretionary funding is available from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Special Collections HV9105.T44 T4983 1995
       Texas juvenile probation directory: a directory of juvenile justice officials and jurisdictions in Texas.
Austin, TX: Texas Juvenile Probation Commission.

Covers the state of Texas only.


United States:

Reference HV8073.F62 1995
       Forensic services directory.
Fair Lawn, NJ: National Forensic Center.

The national register of forensic experts, litigation consultants, and legal support specialists. All areas of science, engineering and medicine are covered. Gives biographical information, addresses, phone numbers, and areas of expertise for each person listed. Subject and name indexes are included. A section on sources of specialized knowledge lists organizations and educational establishments.

Reference HV8073.A63a 1987
       Membership directory.
American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Rockville, MD: AAFS.

Entries listed alphabetically. Includes a geographical index, and a speciality index.

Reference RA1151.A77 1986
       Attorney's directory of forensic psychiatrists in the United States and Canada.
Laguna Hills, CA: American College of Forensic Psychiatrists.

Professional biographies of forensic psychiatrists in the United States and Canada, including position, qualifications, works published, and areas of expertise.


Reference HV8073.F6 1987
       World list of forensic science laboratories and practices.
Harrogate, North Yorkshire: Forensic Science Society.

Lists addresses, directors and fields of investigation for each laboratory. Latest edition has been ordered.


United States:

Reference TH9123.F53 1993
       Emergency services sourcebook.
(Two volumes).

Lists national and local organizations, educational programs for fire science, emergency services, and law enforcement (training courses as well as academic programs), publications, software, and federal government agencies. Covers all emergency services.

Reference TH9111.N347a 1996
       National Fire Protection Association.
Directory. Quincy, MA: NFPA.

Lists the NFPA technical committees and the people serving on them. Provides information about the NFPA and its activities.

Reference TH9111.I4a 1990
       Fire and emergency services leadership directory.
Washington, DC: International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Lists key personnel working in the areas of fire and emergency services. Includes a list of serial publications, and product manufacturers who support the IAFC.

Reference HV 555.U6 F57 1984
       Fire and emergency resource directory.
Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Association.

Identifies public and private resources available at the federal, state and local levels in such areas as hazardous materials, disaster relief, emergency medical services, etc. Information includes training programs, organizations with expertise in particular areas, and also resource materials that have proven useful in planning, training, and managing these types of incidents.

Reference TH9123.F587 1987/88
       Fire service directory of training and information sources.
New York, NY: Specialized Publication Services.

Lists libraries, schools, and publications available in the field of fire science.

Reference TH 9123.D57 1986
       Directory of metropolitan fire department training systems.
Emmitsburg, MD: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Lists fire departments by state, and the training courses and facilities of each.

Reference T55.H38 1983
       Hazard control information handbook.
Rockville, MD: International Institute of Safety and Health.

Lists agencies, organizations and educational programs.

Reference HV6638.A76 1993
       Arson resource directory.
Washington, DC: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A comprehensive listing of anti-arson resources. These include organizations which deal in arson prevention and control and programs for investigation and prosecution. The directory also has information on public education, legislation, investigative technology, and economic factors concerned with arson. This is older material which has not been updated, but may still be useful.

Reference TK6570.P8Y35 1980
       National directory of 911 systems.
Washington, DC: Bureau of Justice Statistics.

This is older material which has not been updated, but may still be useful.

International fire science:

Reference TH9537.F57 1994
       Fire directory.
Redhill, Surrey: FIRE.

Lists names and addresses of fire organizations world wide. Includes a buyer's guide.

Reference HV8079.A7I57 1996
       Constitution and bylaws, membership directory.
Marlboro, MA: International Association of Arson Investigators.

Entries arranged by country.  Lists members of the International Association of Arson Investigators worldwide.

Reference TH9537.F58 1995/96
       Fire protection yearbook.
London: Fire Protection Association.

Lists fire services organizations and agencies in the United Kingdom.

Product guides:

Reference TH9361.F5 1995
       FITECH international; international guide to fire prevention, protection and fire fighting equipment.
Surrey: FMJ International Publications.

Reference HD9999.F53U585 1996
       Fire protection equipment directory.
Northbrook, IL: Underwriters Laboratories.

Lists products approved by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Reference TH9116.5.F5 1992
       NFPA buyer's guide; fire protection and fire service reference directory.
Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Agency.

Includes equipment reports and addresses of manufacturers of fire prevention and fire fighting materials. Contains indexes of product trade names, and product categories. Most entries are for U.S. manufacturers and suppliers.

Reference T55.A1B4 1986
       Best's safety directory.
Oldwick, NJ: A.M. Best. (2 volumes).

A guide to products and services available in the fields of safety, fire protection, first aid, industrial hygiene, pollution, and security. Includes all OSHA standards and guidelines for integrating safety measures. A bit dated, but may still be useful.


Reference HV7900.I63 1987/88
       International security directory.
Oxfordshire: Court and Judicial Publishing.

An international listing of police forces, fire departments and companies offering security services and supplies. Arranged by country and subject. About half of the book is devoted to the United Kingdom.

Reference HD9999.S45S42 1996
       Securitech Europe; the international guide to security equipment.
Redhill, Surrey: UNISAF Publications.

Reference HV8290.S333 1993
       Security letter source book.
New York, NY: Security Letter.

A buyer's guide to security services and products. includes detectors, alarms, safes, patrol services, etc.

Reference HV7900.I63 1987/88
       International security handbook.
Henley-on-Thames, England: Court and Judicial Publishing Company.

Essentially a buyer's guide to security products and services.

Reference HV8290.P8 1984
       Protection of assets manual.
Santa Monica, CA: Merritt.

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of private security,  published in bright yellow folders.  Sections are updated periodically, by the looseleaf publication Protection of Assets Bulletin, at Reference HV8290.P82


United States:

Reference HV89.A55 1991/92
       Public welfare directory.
Washington, DC: American Public Welfare Association.

Covers federal, state, territorial, county and major municipal public welfare agencies in the United States and Canada. Entries include address, phone, names of key personnel and types of service. Entries arranged by state and province. The 1995/96 edition has been ordered.

Reference HV89.N27 1964-92
       National directory of private social agencies.
(Last updated in 1992). Queens Village, NY: Social Service Publications. ( Two loose leaf binders)

Listings for over 15,000 private organizations which offer help to individuals. Classified by services offered and listed by states and cities. Addresses and phone numbers given, but no other information. Indexes for each state are on green paper at the start of each section.

Reference HV89.S63 1982
       Social service organizations and agencies directory.
Detroit, MI: Gale Research.

A reference guide to national and regional social service organizations including advocacy groups, voluntary associations, professional societies, federal and state agencies, clearinghouses, and information centers. Areas of interest include child welfare, family planning, drug abuse, juvenile justice, immigration and naturalization, legal aid, social security, and many others. This material is old, but may still be of some use in identifying organizations, although the contact information should be verified in a more recent publication.

Reference HV89.N26 1994/95
       Covenant House nineline directory of hotlines and crisis centers.
New York, NY: Covenant House.

Includes separate sections for child abuse hotlines, and services for homeless and runaway youth. Covers the entire United States. Entries are arranged by state.

Reference HV 6545.G7 1988
       Suicide: prevention, intervention, postvention.
Boston, MA: Beacon Press.

Reference HN90.V5P38 1994
       Partnership against violence; resource guide.
Two volumes. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice.

Includes information on organizations with anti-violence programs within the United States.

Reference HV.5.U5 E53 1988
       Encyclopedia of public affairs information sources.
Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co.

Lists organizations, publications and other sources of information on subjects relating to public affairs in the United States.

Reference HC110.C63C58 1996
       Consumer's resource handbook.
Washington, DC: U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs.

Lists consumer organizations, corporate consumer contacts, trade associations, and state and federal organizations. Includes general advice and information on consumers' rights.

Reference HV89.B37 1986
       The resource book: directory of organizations, associations, self-help groups, and hotlines for mental health and human services professionals and their clients.
New York, NY: Haworth Press.

Entries arranged by subject, and give a brief description of each organization. Organization name index at the back.

Reference HV88.S59 1978
       Social Services organizations.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. (two volumes).

Useful for providing fairly in-depth histories of social services organizations in the United States. Of limited value for current information due to its age.

Reference HD6504.D64 1994/95
       Directory of U.S. labor organizations.
Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs.

Includes a personal name index.

Reference HV99.N59 S56 1995/96
       The source book.
New York, NY: UNIPUB.

Lists social and health services and organizations in the greater New York area, and the programs they offer. Subject and personnel indexes. Includes a listing of organizations that provide volunteering opportunities.

Reference H99.N59 D56 1994
       Directory of community services: Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.
New York: New York Public Library.

Entries are in both Spanish and English.

Special Collections HV6250.3.U52 W23 1986
       The crime victim service directory.
Olympia, WA: Office of the Attorney General.

Covers services in Washington State only.

International Social Services:

Reference H61.9.S45 1993
       Selected inventory of social science information and documentation services.
Paris, France: UNESCO.

Lists organizations world wide that provide information or data to social science professionals.

Reference HV6250.3.C2D4 1995
       Directory. Services for victims of crime.
Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Criminal Justice Association.

Lists and describes Canadian organizations and programs for crime victims. Entries listed by province. The entries for Quebec are in French.

Juvenile and family oriented organizations:

Reference HV741.N3156 1990/91
       National directory of children and youth services.
Washington, DC: CPR Directory Services.

Organizations listed by state. Includes a buyer's guide, and sections on who's who in federal child and youth services, and a guide to state, county and major city agencies and services.

Reference HV1431.N365 1982
       National directory of runaway programs.
Washington, DC: National Youth Work Alliance.

Entries arranged by state. Includes program description, services, policies and volunteer opportunities. Dated, but may be of value in identifying organizations. Contact information should be verified in another source.

Reference RC569.5.A28W43 1989
       Sexual assault and child sexual abuse: a national directory of victim services and prevention programs.
Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press.

HS3260.U5D57 1992/93
       Directory of American youth organizations: a guide to 500 clubs, groups, troops, teams, societies, lodges and more for young people.
Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publications.

Reference HV6626.N37 1986
       National directory of domestic violence programs: a guide to community shelter, safe home, and service programs.
Washington, DC: National Coalition against Domestic Violence.

A later edition has been ordered.

Reference HV699.P35 1982
       The troubled family.
Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland.

Designed to guide family members and counselors to information about various helping and corrective programs. Information sources include agencies, organizations, and literature on the subject of dysfunctional families. Information may no longer be valid due to the age of the publication.


United States:

Reference RC564.73.D775 1993
       Drug, alcohol, and other addictions: a directory of treatment centers and prevention programs nationwide.
Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press.

Comprehensive listing of almost 18,000 programs and possibilities.

Reference HV5825.N324 1992
       National directory of drug abuse and alcoholism treatment programs.
Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

A compilation of over 11,000 federal, state and local agencies responsible for the administration of alcoholism or drug abuse services. Lists organizations by state, and indicates the services offered by each.

Reference HV8836.5.D57 1991
       Directory of state-identified intervention/treatment programs for drug dependent offenders.
Washington, DC: Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Lists programs by state. Includes programs for convicts, parolees, arrestees, probationers, etc.

Reference HV5279.N394 1989
       National directory of alcoholism and addiction programs.
Cleveland, OH: Alcoholism and Addiction Magazine.

Reference HV5825.U567 1989
       FDA narcotic treatment programs directory.
Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Entries arranged by state. The 1995 edition has been ordered.

HV5279.R45 1985
       Resource directory of national alcohol and related associations, agencies and organizations.
Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Lists and describes organizations which deal with alcohol, including brewers, importers, retailers, etc.

HV5825.S7235 1994
       State drug resources: national directory.
Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice.

Guide to state agencies concerned with drug abuse. Entries are arranged by state.

Reference HF5549.5E42 D57 1988
       Directory of academic institutions and organizations offering drug, alcohol, and employee assistance program educational resources.
Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Lists colleges and indicates what programs are offered.

Reference HV 5280.N7F33 1990
       Directory of alcoholism programs by region and program type.
Albany, NY: Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse.

Organizations offering programs aimed at alcohol abusers within New York State. Provides addresses of each organization, phone numbers, director's name and bed capacity.

Reference HV5831.N7D57 1985
       Directory of substance abuse programs in New York State.
Albany, NY: New York State Division of Substance Abuse Services.

A later edition has been ordered.

Reference HV5831.N7 R33 1990
       Directory of New York State drug information resources.
Albany, NY: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Describes organizations in New York State that collect and disseminate information on drugs and drug-related crime, and the databases and publications they produce.

Reference HV 5280.C2 A53 1993/94
       Alcohol and other drug services: a directory of community services in California.
Sacramento, CA: Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.


Reference HV 5801.I63a 1991
       Official directory.
Albany, NY: International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.

Lists members of the Association.

Reference HV8079.N3G82 1995
       Directory of governmental organizations and institutions charged with the fight against the illicit production, trafficking, use and abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
Washington, DC: Organizacion de los Estados Americanos.

Covers North, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Entries are arranged geographically.  The structure, functions, and the names of the executive officers of each organization are provided, as well as addresses and phone numbers.  Entries are either in English, Spanish, or Portugese.


Reference RS141.2.U48 1995
       United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary.
Rockville, MD: U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention.

Provides information on pharmaceutical products, their identification and characteristics.

Reference RS141.3.M4 1993
       Martindale's extra pharmacopeia.
London: Pharmaceutical Press.

Describes drugs and medicines, their characteristics and their pharmaceutical and therapeutic activity. Clinically orientated, in contrast to the U.S. Pharmacopeia.

Reference RS51.M4 1976
       Merck index: an encyclopedia of chemicals and drugs.
Rahway, NJ: Merck.

Briefly describes chemical and physical characteristics of drugs. Includes alternate names, molecular structure, physical data and literature references. A later edition is on order.

Reference RS53.N35 1995
       National drug code directory.
Washington, DC: Food and Drug Administration.

Serves as a product identifier for prescription drugs, and some over the counter drugs.


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