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1.  Research, Research, and more research

2.  Electronic Resume Advice

3.  Resume Posting

  • General sites which allow posting for free - there are many!!

    CareerPath.com - search engine and online jobs database.  Post resume and companies looking for employees can search by keywords for appropriate parties.  Free to post


  • Keep track of where and when you post - use same user name and password for each site so it will be easy to keep track of.
  • Different versions of the resume for different positions
  • Not enough to just post your resume and expect jobs to find you - Be PROACTIVE!!

4.  Make contacts

  • Electronic discussion lists - great for email addresses for potential contacts and occasional job postings.

    FORENS-L (forens-l@fau.edu)

    POLICE-L (for sworn law enforcement officers only) (police-l@cunyvm.cuny.edu, to subscribe:  listserv@listserv.cuny.edu)

    CJUST-L (cjust-l@cunyvm.cuny.edu, to subscribe:  listserv@listserv.cuny.edu)
  • Newsgroups - look for regional or industry specific ones - can use DejaNews, a search engine for newsgroup postings.
  • Professional societies and organizations - post events, seminars, conferences - get involved, volunteer!!
  • http://www.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Organizations
  • for specific companies: Yahoo’s Companies Directory - federal traded co.s
  • Federal government’s EDGAR database for a wealth of free info about publicly held companies.
  • Alumni directory at your college/web site


  • Look beyond the job postings, develop contacts, identify where you want to work
  • Do your homework - research agencies and companies, check newspaper databases for recent articles regarding the employer.
  • Choose the right keywords - don’t over-represent yourself!
  • Keep your electronic resume plain and simple
  • Have an email address for responses
  • STAY ORGANIZED!! - keep a record on what you have done, where you have posted and your logon name and password.


       Career Xroads (an annual directory of job and resume sites) >1000

       Smith, Rebecca.  (1999).  Electronic Résumés and Online Networking:How To Use the Internet to Do a Better Job Search.  Career Press.

       Steers, K.  (1998, July).  Get wired, get hired?  PC World, 16(7), 193. 

       Wells, S.J.  (1998, March 12).  Many jobs on Web, but not all of them.  New York Times, G, 11:1.

Job Listings

New York Government Sources

New Jersey Government Sources

Other New Jersey Employment Sources

Connecticut - Government Sources


Law Enforcement, Fire and Protective Services
(from the Riley Guide)

  • The Blue Line: police opportunity monitor - a monthly newsletter for public service job openings. "We feature police, fire, EMS, dispatch, corrections, and administrative positions all across the United States. We specialize in saturation coverage in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan." A sample listing of job openings is available on this site, but they say this is just a portion of what they send out to paying subscribers. Could definitely be worth the money. Nice page of links to other law enforcement sites too.
  • Cop Spot - huge directory, networking, and information resource for police officers. Yes, he has job postings too.
  • Law Enforcement Links - "a law enforcement guide to the world wide web." Not much else to say. Lots of links to lots of information sources and services, including Employment and Recruiting.
  • The New Blue Line: The Making of a Virginia Beach Police Officer - so, you want to be a police officer. Check out this multipart article by Mike Mather published in The Virginian-Pilot.  He followed 55 new recruits through the police academy and even updated their stories a year later. Reading it gives you a whole new perspective on what these men and women do and what they have to go through to not only get the job but keep it. http://www.pilotonline.com/special/blueline/
  • The Police Officer's Internet Directory - featuring links to law enforcement agencies around the world, CJ resources, and jobs.
  • Directory of  New York State Criminal Justice Agencies http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/crimnet/ojsa/agdir/htframe.htm
  • Security Jobs Network - nice resource for security and law enforcement professionals. Job listings require a paid subscription, but they offer great research links to additional security and law enforcement resources online. http://securityjobs.net/
  • Emergency Service Jobs (National Directory of Emergency Services) http://www1.policejobs.com/ndes
  • US Department of Justice - Attorney and nonattorney positions available with the largest  law enforcement agency in the U.S. http://www.usdoj.gov/careers/careers.html
  • Department of Justice  DEA - Employment opportunities in the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • FedWorld  Federal Job Announcements - Search abstracts of US Federal Government Jobs.
  • Government Jobs, Federal (Federal Jobs Digest)
  • Government Jobs, Federal (Office of Personnel Management) http://www.usajobs.opm.gov

  • Government Jobs, Public Service (Jobs in Government) http://www.careersingovernment.com
  • Government Jobs, Public Service (Public Service Employees Network) http://www.psenet.com

Social Services

College Graduates


  • NIRA 1996 World Directory of Think Tanks - National Institute for Research Advancement (Japan) provides this nofrills page that makes available basic information on over 250 think tanks (policy organizations) in over 65 countries. Information available can include executive personnel, history, areas of research, geographic focus, availability of research findings, chief researchers, and funding sources, among other data. Contact information is also available, including links to web sites when available. http://www.nira.go.jp/ice/ttinfo/nwdtt96/
  • Brookings Institution - The Brookings Institution, America's oldest policy think tank. This site contains information about the institution and its work. http://www.brook.edu/
  • RAND - includes their employment opportunities in all areas, updated monthly. Check the “Reaching RAND" section.


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