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Basic Reference Books For Psychology

This list of selected encyclopedias and handbooks will be useful for students researching most topics in basic psychology.  All the books listed will be found in the reference stacks on the Library’s second floor.

Remember to check the bibliographies that generally accompany articles in these special encyclopedias.  For more information, consult the DPAC and DPER databases on CUNY+.  For scholarly, research-oriented articles consult the Psychlit database on CD-ROM.

Encyclopedia of human intelligence. (2 vol.). (1994). New York: Macmillan. Includes
   over 250 articles by notable scholars dealing with all aspects of human intelligence.
   [BF 431 .E59 1994]

Encyclopedia of learning and memory. (1992). New York: Macmillan. [BF 431 .E59]

Encyclopedia of psychology. (4 vol.). (1994). 2nd ed.  New York: Wiley. The most
   comprehensive encyclopedia of general psychology available. [BF 31 .E52 1994]

Encyclopedia of sleep and dreaming. (1993). New York: Macmillan.
   [BF 1078 .E63]

Handbook of social psychology. (2 vol.) (1985). New York: Random House. Includes
   articles on theories and methods of design and decision making, and issues in
   socialization, sex roles, leadership and power, intergroup relations, and much more.
   [HM 251 .H224]

Handbook of stress: Theoretical and clinical aspects. (1982).
   New York: Free Press. An aid in locating research and a guide to tests and 
   questionnaires. [BF 575 .S75 H35]

International encyclopedia of psychiatry, psychology, psychology, psychoanalysis and
. (12 vol.). (1983). New York: Aesculapius. Basic source for information on
   the psychological and psychiatric aspects of such subjects as alcoholism, aging,
   homosexuality, death, child abuse, and mental illness. Also includes articles on major
   psychologists and the history of psychiatry.
   [RC 334 .I573]

International handbook of traumatic stress syndrome. (1993). New York: Plenum
   Press. [RC 552 .P67 I58]

Oxford companion the mind. (1987). Oxford: Oxford University Press.  Over 1000
   entries dealing with topics on the psychological nature of the human brain and nervous
   system. [BF 31 .O94]

Annual reviews are an excellent source for current information and research on psychological issues. The reviews listed below all contain articles discussing recent theories and trends in the field. They can be searched by using indexes such as PSYCHLIT, or simply browsed for interest. They are all located in the reference stacks.

Advances in personality assessment. (1982  present). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
   Associates. [BF 698.4 A32]

Annual review of psychology. (1950  present). Stanford, Ca: Annual Reviews.
   [BF 30 .A56]

The Psychoanalytic study of the child. (1945  present). New Haven, CT: Yale
   University. [BF 721 .P8]

Review of behavior therapy: theory & practice. (irregular). New York: Guilford Press.   
   [RC 489 .B4 A56


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