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John Jay College Archives - COVID-19 Pandemic Response Collection

All emails have been downloaded for the John Jay College Archives and are available as PDFs on request by emailing libspcoll@jjay.cuny.edu. URLs, when available are provided. All emails should also be available in the email inboxes of John Jay College Faculty received on the dates and times indicated. Items marked with * were not curculated among all faculty.

see also: Ananya Chakravarti Archiving the Present A guide to Creating a Record of COVID 19 A historian's guide to creating a lasting record of COVID-19.


COVID Response Timeline Announcements and Updates


August, 2021

July, 2021

June, 2021

May 2021

March, 2021

  • March 18, 2021 - JJC IAVP Admin - Guidance – Time-Off for COVID-19 Vaccine - Revised

February, 2021

January 2021

2020 Announcements and Updates

December 2

November 4

October 26

  • October 26 CUNY Board of Trustees passed resolution number 7.  The resolved statement reads as follows:


    RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees approves the University’s decision to extend and continue the offering of online and distance learning instructional modality for the delivery of courses in degree and non-degree programs and the offering of remote support services for the Spring Semester 2021 — with exceptions only being made for courses that cannot be effectively delivered at a distance, such as those courses which are highly experiential, or services that involve some form of tangible exchange, such as food pantries, provided they meet New York State and University guidelines for on-site instruction or delivery; and that the Chancellor shall take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to give effect to the foregoing. 


August 26

August 25

August 20

August 14

August 12

This section is incomplete and needs updating.

July 23

July 16

  • July 16 CUNY Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening
  • July 16 CUNY Supplemental Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening
  • July 16 CUNY Campus Safe reopening Checklist

July 14

July 10 

July 9


July 4

[this section is incomplete and shall be updated later]

Tuesday, May 26

  • May 26 1224pm JJC Important Announcements Virtual Commencement Announcement
  • May 26 2:26pm PSC CUNY President Stop thousands of layoffs at CUNY this week!

Thursday, May 21

Tuesday, May 19

  • May 19 2:48pm JJC Business Office FY20 Year End Update*

Friday May 8

  • May 8 8:35pm PSC CUNY President Bargaining through the Crisis
  • May 8 JJC Provost to Chairs and Program Directors re Notice of non reappointment of all one semester adjuncts*

Tuesday, May 5

  • May 5 1242pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Updates to Faculty Related Academic Continuity Guidance

Monday April 27

  • April 27 CUNY Chancellor Memo re. University Vacancy Review Board for Personnel Actions*
  • April 27 1:34pm JJC Registrar Clarification Memo on CUNY’s NEW Flexible Grading Policy, Implementation, and Other Important Matters
    • attachment April 21 Registrar Final_Version_Clarification_Memo_to_Students_Flexible_Grading
    • Attachment JJC Registrar Registrar Info Graphic_Faculty and Staff

Friday April 24 - Sunday April 26

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Thursday April 23

Monday April 20-Wed April 22

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Sunday April 19

  • April 19 3:11pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Corrected letter on _Flexible Grading Policies_ approved by the CUNY Board of Trustess in effect as of April 1

Friday April 17

  • April 17 5:29pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Flexible Grading Policies approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees for spring 2020

Monday, April 13 - Thursday April 16

Wednesday, April 8 - Sunday, April 12 (Spring Recess)

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Tuesday, April 7

Monday, April 6

  • April 6 5:04pm JJC DOES FW_ April newsletter_ Zoom security; asynchronous learning tips; webinar recordings and more
  • April 6 8:17am JJC TLC NEAR and FAR_ Attention, Memory, Presence

Saturday & Sunday, April 4-5

  • April 5 1055am JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] CUNY Update #9 Guidance on Academic Continuity
    • attachment April 4 CUNY Update #9 Academic Continuity Guidance

Friday, April 3

Thursday, April 2 (Classes Resume)

Wednesday, April 1 (Recalibration Period)

  • April 1 4:12pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] CUNY's Special COVID-19 Flexible Grading Policy approved by CUNY's BoT
  • April 1 4:07pm JJC VP Inst Advancement Student Emergency Fund – COVID-19 Response Initiative
  • April 1 831am JJC DOES WEDNESDAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning

Tuesday, March 31 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 31 4:04pm JJC Distance Learning Resources for Reporting Sexual Harrassment Sexual Assault Stalking or Domestic Intimate Partner Violence
  • March 31 9:07am JJC DOES TUESDAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning

Monday, March 30 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 30 1:11pm JJC Important Annoucements Town Hall Meeting [on April 7]
  • March 30 8:12am JJC DOES TODAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning
  • March 30 7:17am JJC TLC - Recalibrating_ Honoring Silence
  • March 30 6:10am CUNY Brief - Fighting the Spread

Sunday, March 29 (Recalibration Period)

  • There were no official updates or announcements on this day.

Saturday, March 28 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 28 [sent as PDF] CUNY Exc Vice Chanc and Univ Provost Update #8 CUNY COVID-19 Guidance on Academic Continuity-1

Friday, March 27 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 27 12:35pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Fwd_ A Message from the Chair of the University Student Senate
    • attachment March 26 Letter from Chair CUNY University Student Senate
  • March 27 2:07pm JJC HR to [EXECUTIVE-STAFF] Telecommuting - Updated Time and Leave Procedures
    • attachment 1: March 23 JJC HR Telecommuting -OHR
    • attachment 2: March 27 JJC HR Telecommuting - Updated procedures -3-27-20-1

Thursday, March 26

  • March 26 6:33pm PSC CUNY Update on “Recalibration Period_
  • March 26 2:57pm JJC Business Office Updated - FY20 Year End Requisitions*
  • March 26 724am JJC TLC Recalibrating Living with Both And
  • March 26 6:11am CUNY Brief Recalibration Period for Educational Equity

Wednesday, March 25

  • March 25 8:22pm To All Tenants of 555 w 57th street COVID-19 UPDATE [from building mgmt.]*
  • March 25 4:14pm CUNY Chancellor Further clarity on Recalibration Period for Educational Equity
  • March 25 3:53pm DOES conversations about asynchronous learning on Blackboard
  • March 25 10:22am JJC Provost Updates from CUNY

Tuesday, March 24

Monday, March 23

  • March 23 5:45pm JJC TLC NEAR & FAR_ Returning to the Remote LearningScape (Day 3)
  • March 23 3:16pm PSC CUNY New definition of _essential personnel
  • March 23 3:03pm JJC OAR Office of Research Update
  • March 21 12:34pm JJC Provost Spring 2020-Peer Teaching Observations and Annual Evaluations
  • March 23 8:57am JJC Provost Second week of the transition_ you are beautiful
  • March 23 6:00am CUNY Brief CUNY Goes On, at a Distance

Sunday, March 22

  • There were no official updates or announcements on this day.

Saturday, March 21

Friday, March 20

  • March 20 10:50pm CUNY Chancellor COVID-19 emergency response update
  • March 20 4:28pm JJC DC37 Local 2054 Important_ College Assistant Notice
  • March 20 [no time] CUNY Chancellor FINAL Update #7 Academic Continuity Guidance-1*
  • March 20 12:41pm JJC [PSC-CHAPTER-JJC] 3 Items_ Repot from last night; Important Surve
  • Letter from the Provost: Brief Updates, March 20, 2020
  • March 20 5:23pm JJC TLC Near and Far_ Notes from the Remote LearningScape (Day 2)

Thursday, March 19 (Classes resume, distance learning begins )

  • March 19 11:01pm CUNY Chancellor Working together
  • March 19 8:42pm PSC CUNY What to do if you are asked to report to work on campus tomorrow
  • March 19 6:13pm JJC TLC NEAR and FAR_ Notes from the Remote LearningScape (Day 1)
  • March 19 4:50pm JJC HR Best Practices for Telecommuting
  • March 19 12:56pm JJC Provost National Guard and Reserve students called to active duty for COVID-19 support
  • March 19 9:54am JJC President First Day of Distance Learning
  • March 19 9:48am JJC TLC Recovery_ From TRAUMA to TRUST
  • March 19 6:10am CUNY Brief Welcome to Distance Learning
  • March 19 [no time] JJC UGStud Welcome back to the Spring 2020 Semester

Wednesday, March 18

  • March 18 8:28pm JJC President Update for On-Campus Services beginning Thursday, March 19
  • March 18 4:57pm JJC TLC Proofing, Testing, Sharing_ MUTUAL & FLEXIBLE
  • March 18 4:29pm JJC Staff Reduction Plan for PRINT SHOP
  • March 18 4:08pm PSC CUNY Press Release Demanding Buildings, Libraries Close
  • March 18 3:40pm JJC VP Fin Admin All John Jay College offices in BMW Closed Today
  • March 18 2:02pm PSC CUNY CUNY refuses PSC demand; PSC fights back
  • March 18 1:28pm JJC OAR Guidance for Student Research
  • March 18 1:14pm JJC Chief Librarian to CUNY Council of Chief Librarians LIBRARY CLOSED until further notice*
  • March 18 9:56am JJC President to Chief Librarian Library Staff [may work remotely]*
  • March 18 9:15am CUNY A!ert John Jay College BMW Building Office Closure
  • March 18 900am JJC TLC Proofing, Testing, and Sharing_ WHAT'S NECESSARY & NOW


Tuesday, March 17

  • March 17 1143pm PSC CUNY - CUNY refuses PSC demand; PSC fights back
  • March 17 5:30pm JJC TLC Filling and Polishing_ ACCESS and ACCURACY
  • March 17 1:45pm JJC OAR Research-Related Travel Guidance
  • March 17 11:46am JJC TLC Polishing and Filling_ SIMPLIFY HONOR RESPECT
  • March 17 9:01am JJC Institutional Effectiveness John Jay ZOOM account is now available

Monday, March 16

Sunday, March 15

Saturday March 14

  • March 14 10:35am JJC TLC  Frameworks and Priorities_ Our Students Need Us, NOW


Friday March 13

  • March 13 5:36pm JJC TLC Frameworks, Weekend Plans, and Shared Questions (the answers)
  • March 13 3:26pm JJC HR Time and Leave Procedures Update

Thursday March 12

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (JJC Closed)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

March 9, 2020

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February 27, 2020

February 2, 2020

January 28, 2020