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John Jay College Archives - COVID-19 Pandemic Response Collection

All emails have been downloaded for the John Jay College Archives and are available as PDFs on request by emailing libspcoll@jjay.cuny.edu. URLs, when available are provided. All emails should also be available in the email inboxes of John Jay College Faculty received on the dates and times indicated. Items marked with * were not curculated among all faculty.

see also: Ananya Chakravarti Archiving the Present A guide to Creating a Record of COVID 19 A historian's guide to creating a lasting record of COVID-19.


Timeline of Announcements and Updates

August 26

August 20

August 14

August 12

This section is incomplete and needs updating.

July 23

July 16

  • July 16 CUNY Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening
  • July 16 CUNY Supplemental Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening
  • July 16 CUNY Campus Safe reopening Checklist

July 14

July 10 

July 9


July 4

[this section is incomplete and shall be updated later]

Tuesday, May 26

  • May 26 1224pm JJC Important Announcements Virtual Commencement Announcement
  • May 26 2:26pm PSC CUNY President Stop thousands of layoffs at CUNY this week!

Thursday, May 21

  • May 21 4:27pm JJC President Budget Planning for Our Future

Tuesday, May 19

  • May 19 2:48pm JJC Business Office FY20 Year End Update*

Friday May 8

  • May 8 8:35pm PSC CUNY President Bargaining through the Crisis
  • May 8 JJC Provost to Chairs and Program Directors re Notice of non reappointment of all one semester adjuncts*

Tuesday, May 5

  • May 5 1242pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Updates to Faculty Related Academic Continuity Guidance

Monday April 27

  • April 27 CUNY Chancellor Memo re. University Vacancy Review Board for Personnel Actions*
  • April 27 1:34pm JJC Registrar Clarification Memo on CUNY’s NEW Flexible Grading Policy, Implementation, and Other Important Matters
    • attachment April 21 Registrar Final_Version_Clarification_Memo_to_Students_Flexible_Grading
    • Attachment JJC Registrar Registrar Info Graphic_Faculty and Staff

Friday April 24 - Sunday April 26

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Thursday April 23

  • April 23 2:50pm JJC President Feeling the Impact of Covid-19

Monday April 20-Wed April 22

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Sunday April 19

  • April 19 3:11pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Corrected letter on _Flexible Grading Policies_ approved by the CUNY Board of Trustess in effect as of April 1

Friday April 17

  • April 17 5:29pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Flexible Grading Policies approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees for spring 2020

Monday, April 13 - Thursday April 16

Wednesday, April 8 - Sunday, April 12 (Spring Recess)

  • There were no official updates or announcements on these days.

Tuesday, April 7

Monday, April 6

  • April 6 5:04pm JJC DOES FW_ April newsletter_ Zoom security; asynchronous learning tips; webinar recordings and more
  • April 6 8:17am JJC TLC NEAR and FAR_ Attention, Memory, Presence

Saturday & Sunday, April 4-5

  • April 5 1055am JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] CUNY Update #9 Guidance on Academic Continuity
    • attachment April 4 CUNY Update #9 Academic Continuity Guidance

Friday, April 3

Thursday, April 2 (Classes Resume)

Wednesday, April 1 (Recalibration Period)

  • April 1 4:12pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] CUNY's Special COVID-19 Flexible Grading Policy approved by CUNY's BoT
  • April 1 4:07pm JJC VP Inst Advancement Student Emergency Fund – COVID-19 Response Initiative
  • April 1 831am JJC DOES WEDNESDAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning

Tuesday, March 31 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 31 4:04pm JJC Distance Learning Resources for Reporting Sexual Harrassment Sexual Assault Stalking or Domestic Intimate Partner Violence
  • March 31 9:07am JJC DOES TUESDAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning

Monday, March 30 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 30 1:11pm JJC Important Annoucements Town Hall Meeting [on April 7]
  • March 30 8:12am JJC DOES TODAY_ DOES conversations on asynchronous learning
  • March 30 7:17am JJC TLC - Recalibrating_ Honoring Silence
  • March 30 6:10am CUNY Brief - Fighting the Spread

Sunday, March 29 (Recalibration Period)

  • There were no official updates or announcements on this day.

Saturday, March 28 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 28 [sent as PDF] CUNY Exc Vice Chanc and Univ Provost Update #8 CUNY COVID-19 Guidance on Academic Continuity-1

Friday, March 27 (Recalibration Period)

  • March 27 12:35pm JJC [FACSEN-ANNOUNCE] Fwd_ A Message from the Chair of the University Student Senate
    • attachment March 26 Letter from Chair CUNY University Student Senate
  • March 27 2:07pm JJC HR to [EXECUTIVE-STAFF] Telecommuting - Updated Time and Leave Procedures
    • attachment 1: March 23 JJC HR Telecommuting -OHR
    • attachment 2: March 27 JJC HR Telecommuting - Updated procedures -3-27-20-1

Thursday, March 26

  • March 26 6:33pm PSC CUNY Update on “Recalibration Period_
  • March 26 2:57pm JJC Business Office Updated - FY20 Year End Requisitions*
  • March 26 724am JJC TLC Recalibrating Living with Both And
  • March 26 6:11am CUNY Brief Recalibration Period for Educational Equity

Wednesday, March 25

  • March 25 8:22pm To All Tenants of 555 w 57th street COVID-19 UPDATE [from building mgmt.]*
  • March 25 4:14pm CUNY Chancellor Further clarity on Recalibration Period for Educational Equity
  • March 25 3:53pm DOES conversations about asynchronous learning on Blackboard
  • March 25 10:22am JJC Provost Updates from CUNY

Tuesday, March 24

  • March 24 1137pm JJC Coucil of Chairs Chair CHAIRS_ Evening follow-up*
  • March 24 6:06pm CUNYA!ert - CUNY has instituted a Recalibration Period for Educational Equity
  • March 24 5:53pm JJC TLC Recalibration_ Make the Kind Choice
  • March 24 5:43pm JJC President Recalibration Period for Educational Equity, Distance Learning, and Coronavirus Updates
  • March 24 3:44pm CUNY Chancellor Recalibration Period for Educational Equity

Monday, March 23

  • March 23 5:45pm JJC TLC NEAR & FAR_ Returning to the Remote LearningScape (Day 3)
  • March 23 3:16pm PSC CUNY New definition of _essential personnel
  • March 23 3:03pm JJC OAR Office of Research Update
  • March 21 12:34pm JJC Provost Spring 2020-Peer Teaching Observations and Annual Evaluations
  • March 23 8:57am JJC Provost Second week of the transition_ you are beautiful
  • March 23 6:00am CUNY Brief CUNY Goes On, at a Distance

Sunday, March 22

  • There were no official updates or announcements on this day.

Saturday, March 21

Friday, March 20

  • March 20 10:50pm CUNY Chancellor COVID-19 emergency response update
  • March 20 4:28pm JJC DC37 Local 2054 Important_ College Assistant Notice
  • March 20 [no time] CUNY Chancellor FINAL Update #7 Academic Continuity Guidance-1*
  • March 20 12:41pm JJC [PSC-CHAPTER-JJC] 3 Items_ Repot from last night; Important Surve
  • Letter from the Provost: Brief Updates, March 20, 2020
  • March 20 5:23pm JJC TLC Near and Far_ Notes from the Remote LearningScape (Day 2)

Thursday, March 19 (Classes resume, distance learning begins )

  • March 19 11:01pm CUNY Chancellor Working together
  • March 19 8:42pm PSC CUNY What to do if you are asked to report to work on campus tomorrow
  • March 19 6:13pm JJC TLC NEAR and FAR_ Notes from the Remote LearningScape (Day 1)
  • March 19 4:50pm JJC HR Best Practices for Telecommuting
  • March 19 12:56pm JJC Provost National Guard and Reserve students called to active duty for COVID-19 support
  • March 19 9:54am JJC President First Day of Distance Learning
  • March 19 9:48am JJC TLC Recovery_ From TRAUMA to TRUST
  • March 19 6:10am CUNY Brief Welcome to Distance Learning
  • March 19 [no time] JJC UGStud Welcome back to the Spring 2020 Semester

Wednesday, March 18

  • March 18 8:28pm JJC President Update for On-Campus Services beginning Thursday, March 19
  • March 18 4:57pm JJC TLC Proofing, Testing, Sharing_ MUTUAL & FLEXIBLE
  • March 18 4:29pm JJC Staff Reduction Plan for PRINT SHOP
  • March 18 4:08pm PSC CUNY Press Release Demanding Buildings, Libraries Close
  • March 18 3:40pm JJC VP Fin Admin All John Jay College offices in BMW Closed Today
  • March 18 2:02pm PSC CUNY CUNY refuses PSC demand; PSC fights back
  • March 18 1:28pm JJC OAR Guidance for Student Research
  • March 18 1:14pm JJC Chief Librarian to CUNY Council of Chief Librarians LIBRARY CLOSED until further notice*
  • March 18 9:56am JJC President to Chief Librarian Library Staff [may work remotely]*
  • March 18 9:15am CUNY A!ert John Jay College BMW Building Office Closure
  • March 18 900am JJC TLC Proofing, Testing, and Sharing_ WHAT'S NECESSARY & NOW


Tuesday, March 17

  • March 17 1143pm PSC CUNY - CUNY refuses PSC demand; PSC fights back
  • March 17 5:30pm JJC TLC Filling and Polishing_ ACCESS and ACCURACY
  • March 17 1:45pm JJC OAR Research-Related Travel Guidance
  • March 17 11:46am JJC TLC Polishing and Filling_ SIMPLIFY HONOR RESPECT
  • March 17 9:01am JJC Institutional Effectiveness John Jay ZOOM account is now available

Monday, March 16

Sunday, March 15

Saturday March 14

  • March 14 10:35am JJC TLC  Frameworks and Priorities_ Our Students Need Us, NOW


Friday March 13

  • March 13 5:36pm JJC TLC Frameworks, Weekend Plans, and Shared Questions (the answers)
  • March 13 3:26pm JJC HR Time and Leave Procedures Update

Thursday March 12

Wednesday, March 11 (JJC Closed)

Tuesday, March 3