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Getting Textbooks

Students should make sure they have good reliable access to all the textbooks required for their courses.

CUNY has compiled this fact sheet to help students save money when purchasing textbooks.

Buying textbooks at the John Jay College bookstore

The College bookstore run by Barnes & Noble at 56th street (Westport Building). Beginning Fall 2010 you can also rent some textbooks from the College bookstore. Search for textbooks by course and order books online at http://jjay.bncollege.com. Textbooks may be rented from the John Jay College Bookstore as electronic books or in hardcopy. If a title is available a textbook rental may save you up to 60% of the cost.

Buying textbooks from other online stores: see the fact sheet.

Borrowing textbooks in the Library

Thanks to funds from the Chancellor's Textbook Initiative, the Library is able to buy some textbooks. These books tend to be the most expensive titles and largely for the 100 and 200 level courses, but it is always worth checking for the book you require. To see if your textbook is available for use in the Library, try searching the author or title in the CUNY+ catalog here:

Not all textbooks will be available on the first day of class, since they may not yet be processed. All textbooks in the textbook purchase program will be available for use by the second week of class.

Textbooks do not circulate but are kept on reserve at the Library's Reserve Desk on the first floor of the Library. Textbooks must be requested at the Reserve desk by call number. Your professor may supply the call number, but if not, library personnel can help you locate the call number. You can also find the book's call number on your own by searching for the title in the CUNY+ catalog. Write the call number on your syllabus since you will need it every time you ask for the textbook.

If available, a textbook may be used for three hours at a time, during which time portions of it may be copied or scanned on the machines in the Reserve Room or on the second floor of the Library. Individuals should never scan or copy a complete book, since that would be a copyright infringement. More information on what you can photocopy and scan »