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Request a one-on-one Zoom consultation with a librarian

Do you have a detailed research question and need guidance? Are you encountering obstacles in your research?

Book a 30-minute Zoom consultation appointment with a John Jay librarian. The librarian will provide personalized guidance and recommendations based on your research topic or assignment.

Examples of research questions that merit a consultation:

  • I am writing a research paper on the topic of "canners," can and bottle collectors in New York City. I've looked for scholarly research on this topic but haven't found anything. How do I find ethnographic research on this specific population?
  • I am researching how language about gay rights has changed. Where can I find a dataset or tool that compares the use of different phrases in US newspapers over time?

This service is available to John Jay undergraduate/graduate students and faculty members. Questions about Capstone seminar projects are especially welcome.

Please note that you can always ask a librarian for help at the Reference Desk without making an appointment.


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