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Bringing your education to the next level: Testing & Education Reference Center

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Gone are the days when you had to leaf through dozens of books to find a perfect match if you were looking for a college program, graduate school offerings, or scholarship opportunities, or tried to build up your first resume using a template. The Lloyd Sealy Library subscribes to the Testing & Education Reference Center database. It offers:

  • College programs search
  • Scholarships search
  • Online test preparation tool for many standardized tests

The Test & Education Reference Center database can be accessed from the list of the library databases whenever you have an Internet connection. You will be required to create a login to keep track of your progress when you do a test online, when you want to edit your resume, etc.

The database is easy to navigate. From the top menu, select tools that you might want to explore: High School, College Prep, Career, Grad School and International. Even if you are already a college student, try out High School Tools, for they have many self-paced courses in English and math (the subjects your John Jay College professors hinted you need some brushing up in). The College Prep Tools such as Resume Builder and Scholarship Search are amazing.

Highlights of the Career Tools are tutorials for Basic Computer Skills, Resume Builder, and Virtual Career Library. The latter is a virtual career coach that helps you to navigate careers, prepare a resume, train you for an interview, etc. Career Tools contain online tests and e-books in firefighting and law enforcement that are of interest to many John Jay College students: 

Accompanying online books will help you to master the exams.

If you want to go to a graduate school, then the Grad School Tools is your next stop to practice GRE, GMAT, LSAT tests and more. You can even search for grad schools scholarships. And if you are an international student who wants to improve the TOEFL scores, then browse International Tools. This section also has questions for the US Citizenship Exam.

In addition to online test and e-books, this database provides current articles on higher education and helps students make informed decisions on many facets of their academic and professional careers.

Posted by Maria Kiriakova 2013; updated with links 2017