Form C Workshops

The Form C guidelines encourage faculty to present their scholarly work in a way that communicates its quality and value to members of the personnel committee representing the  range of academic fields and specializations: “It is helpful to the multidisciplinary review committees to understand the quality of your work. As such, you should provide evidence of the quality of the published and creative works through measures conventional to your discipline.” (from John Jay College Form C, revised April 2011)

To assist faculty in gathering quantitative and qualitative information on their scholarly output, the Library put together an online guide to Faculty Scholarship Resources that provides an overview of commonly used metrics  as well as supplemental information on the subject. 

We are hosting two workshops to demonstrate and discuss these resources in the library classroom:

  • Monday, June 17th at 11am 
  • Thursday, June 27th at 3 pm

Please kindly RSVP to Marta Bladek (