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This blog post explores the upcoming learning management transition. In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, adaptability is key. With the BrightSpace transition on the horizon, the library is proactively advertising helpful faculty training resources. By advertising training resources, we aim to help ensure that the John Jay community stays well-informed and ready to embrace the migration ahead.

While there is an abundance of training materials available, it's crucial not to become overwhelmed. John Jay’s LMS team and the library are united in our mission to help you navigate the abundance of BrightSpace training materials. Below are some selected resources.

First steps:

Training materials:

While the library won't offer dedicated BrightSpace training, rest assured that our team is staying well-informed about all things related to online learning. Please bookmark this blog post and check back regularly, as updates will be made as we approach the launch of BrightSpace. 

The Library also wants to shine a spotlight on the outstanding work of John Jay’s LMS team, Helen Keier, Caroline Peppers, and Nicole DeBonet. Their tireless dedication has been instrumental in making this migration a reality!

--Kate Cauley

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