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New databases in spring 2015

From the Spring 2015 Newsletter

Two new Annual Review subscriptions: Statistics & its Application, and Organizational Psychology & Organizational Behavior 

Our collection of Annual Review journals provides critical literature reviews of primary research in 18 disciplines including the social sciences. Most recently we have added subscriptions to the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology & Organizational Behavior, and the Annual Review of Statistics & its Application.

This is the landing page of the Annual Review of Statistics and its Application. You can browse current and past articles from this page. The single search bar on the upper right allows you to search for articles within a specific Annual Review journal or across all the Annual Review content we subscribe to. 

Launched in March 2014, the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology & Organizational Behavior focuses on industrial psychology, human resource management and organizational behavior. Topics covered include motivation, leadership, gender and diversity, and research methodologies. The Annual Review of Statistics and its Application covers tools and developments in statistics such as new theories in methodologies and applications in the areas of economics, psychology and sociology among others. Both reviews can be searched by clicking on the title of these journals from the main page of Annual Reviews. Once you click on the title you can enter your keywords into the single search bar at the top, or browse current or past issues. You can also search across the 18 disciplines we subscribe to via the single search box appearing at the top of each screen or via the Advanced Search option. 



Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies, Latino Studies, and Psychology

The Library now subscribes to the African Studies, Latino Studies, and Psychology subject collections of Oxford Bibliographies. They provide annotated citations and introductory overviews for a range of topics, including authors (e.g., Chinua Achebe in the African Studies collection) and concepts (e.g., borderlands from the Latino Studies collection and lie detection from the Psychology collection). The annotated sources include books, journal articles, websites, data sets and archives. Each citation can be saved to a personal account and emailed or exported to a citation management program (e.g., RefWorks). Citations also include a convenient link to the CUNY+ catalog and WorldCat, both of which allow users to search for the availability of the item at John Jay or other libraries. Some citations also include a link to Google Books. 

Sample citation from the Lie Detection in a Forensic Context bibliography. Each citation can be saved and exported. Links to the CUNY+ catalog, WorldCat, and Google Books are provided.

Oxford Bibliographies provide a range of search features. Researchers can browse bibliographies in each subject collection by an alphabetical title listing or search across subject collections via the single search box at the top of each page or through the advanced search. The advanced search options also allow researchers to limit searches to specific types of citations, for example primary documents or multimedia sources. 

oxford bibliographies

From the main page of a subject collection, you can browse bibliographies by title, or you can search for bibliography topics using the search bar at the top.

Researchers who are new to a field and are looking for key sources to start their research will find these bibliographies to be useful. 




aggregates research related to online marketing and e-commerce by drawing data from over 4,000 sources, including companies, research firms, consulting companies, universities and government agencies. Although the marketing and e-commerce focus of this database may not seem relevant to research agendas at John Jay, students and professors may be interested in the Internet and mobile adoption data made available by eMarketer. The database provides forecasts up to 2019 for topics such as the number of mobile phone users, broadband households and Internet users in different countries. Other topics include social media usage by specific groups such as millennials in the United States, the number of mobile phone users by race and ethnicity, as well as data about digital privacy and security. Search results can be filtered by format and source types such as charts, reports and industry articles. 

The image on the right is a chart from eMarketer illustrating the demographic profile of mobile phone owners in Peru, 2013. Charts can be emailed and downloaded as a PDF, JPEG or Excel file. 

Karen Okamoto

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