Listed below is a selection of ebooks acquired in the last six months for a significant price from ebrary and EBSCOhost. After each title, there is a note about simultaneous usage (see “Ebooks: A joy or a nightmare?”).

[Note: Links in this blog post will take you to the book records in OneSearch. If the record reads "Full text may be available," find the "EBSCOhost Access for John Jay users" link on the right side of the page.]


Decoding Albanian Organized Crime coverArsovska, J. (2015). Decoding Albanian organized crime: Culture, politics, and globalization. Oakland, California: University of California Press – multiuser access.

The author, Professor Jana Arsovska of John Jay’s Sociology Department, “examines some of the most widespread myths about the so-called Albanian Mafia…[and] presents a comprehensive overview of the causes, codes of conduct, activities, migration, and structure of Albanian organized crime groups in the Balkans, Western Europe, and the United States.” — Publisher's description

Listening to killers: book coverGarbarino, J. (2015). Listening to Killers: Lessons Learned From My Twenty Years As a Psychological Expert Witness in Murder Cases. Oakland, California: University of California Press. – Ebsco Ebooks – unlimited user access

“The author offers detailed accounts of how killers travel a path that leads from childhood innocence to lethal violence in adolescence or adulthood. He places the emotional and moral damage of each individual killer within a larger scientific framework of social, psychological, anthropological, and biological research on human development.” — Publisher’s description

Wolf-Women and Phantom Ladies book coverDillon, S. (2015). Wolf-Women and Phantom Ladies: Female Desire in 1940s US Culture. Albany: SUNY Press. – Ebsco Ebooks – unlimited user access

This book consists of “a panoramic survey of 1940s culture that analyzes popular novels, daytime radio serials, magazines and magazine fiction, marital textbooks, Hollywood and educational films, jungle comics, and popular music.” —Publisher’s description

Arrigo, B. (2014). Encyclopedia of criminal justice ethics. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications – 1 user access

Becker, H., Richards, P. (2007). Writing for social scientists how to start and finish your thesis, book, or article (2nd ed., Chicago guides to writing, editing, and publishing). Chicago: University of Chicago Press - 1 user access

Brooks, T. (2013). Punishment. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge - 3 user access

Brotherton, D. (2015). Youth Street Gangs: A Critical Appraisal. London: Routledge. – Ebsco Ebooks – 3 user access

Eco, U., Farina, G., & Mongiat Farina, C. (2015). How to Write a Thesis. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press. – Ebsco Ebooks – unlimited user access

Gonzalez, M. & Yanes, M. (2015). Last drop: The politics of water. London: Pluto Press - multiuser access

Hall, R. B. (2014). Reducing Armed Violence with NGO Governance. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. - Ebsco Ebooks – 3 user access

Hamlin, R. (2014). Let Me Be a Refugee: Administrative Justice and the Politics of Asylum in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Oxford: Oxford University Press. – Ebsco Eboks – 1 user access

Heinonen, P. (2011). Youth Gangs and Street Children: Culture, Nurture and Masculinity in Ethiopia. New York: Berghahn Books. – Ebsco Ebooks – 3 user access

Ioanide, P. (2015). The Emotional Politics of Racism: How Feelings Trump Facts in an Era of Colorblindness. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press. Ebsco Ebooks – 3 user access

Minichiello, V., & Scott, J. G. (2014). Male sex work and society. New York, NY: Harrington Park Press – 1 user

Murphy, J. (2015). Illness or deviance?: Drug courts, drug treatment, and the ambiguity of addiction. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. – 3 user access

Paoli, L. (2014). The Oxford Handbook of Organized Crime. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ebsco Ebooks – unlimited user access

Reay, B., Attwood, N., & Gooder, C. (2015). Sex addiction: A critical history. Cambridge, UK: Polity – 3 user access

Salekin, R. T. (2015). Forensic Evaluation and Treatment of Juveniles: Innovation and Best practice. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. Ebsco Ebooks – 1 user access

Schenwar, M. (2014). Locked down, locked out: Why prison doesn't work and how we can do better (1st ed.). Oakland, California: Berrett-Koehler Publishers – multiuser access

Finding ebooks: When searching the CUNY+ Catalog (the Books tab on the Library home page), you will often see the description “electronic resource” in the format column. This most often means it is an ebook. To access it, click on the title or the college name in the availability column and then look for the URL field for a link to the book. You can also use OneSearch. If a title shows “full text available,” you can click on the “view online link” to access the book.

See the Library’s ebook guide for more information.

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