self checkout machinePublic library users in the city have long been able to check books out of their libraries unfacilitated by staff. We’re catching up, with our new-to-us self-service checkout machine. In a spirit of re-use and frugality, we adopted a year-old machine discarded by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. A generous donation from Student Council financed the retrofit needed to get it to work with our library systems. After some teething trouble we got everything working.  New, this machine sells for $18,000, too large a sum for our current budget, but thanks to the ingenuity of the college carpenter, Laurence Benson, our electrician, and network staff, we have been able to provide our community with self-service book checkout at a very low dollar expenditure.  Use it to check out all those books you’ve gathered up from the stacks!

Ellen Sexton

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