PROBLEM:  How do you wear a protective face mask yet use your voice clearly?
How do you maintain a safe social distance yet participate in shaping your community?
SOLUTION:   Vote! 

Despite the challenges of COVID, it’s easy to vote in the upcoming election. We’ve put together a brief guide with links to help you navigate.
Start by making sure you are registered to vote. The guide provides links to register to vote and/or check your registration status online.
This year, you can vote by mail with an absentee ballot. Alternatively, you can vote in-person - either early or on election day. The guide provides links to the absentee ballot application and is an easy place to find the dates and locations of in-person polling places for both early voting and Election Day voting.
In addition, we provide links to help you make informed decisions about the candidates and any ballot measures up for a vote. Our guide helps you find biographical information, policy and issue viewpoints, positions and beliefs, and who exactly is helping to finance a candidate’s campaign.
Your vote and your voice make a difference. Check out our Voting 2021 guide and vote!



By Peggy Teich