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The John Jay community is making good use of our streaming media platforms—though because we only collect aggregated data, we don’t know who is watching, or why. We assume that the most watched titles are being assigned as class viewing. In general, usage peaks during the Spring and Fall semesters, and drops off during January intercession and the summer. The most watched videos are documentaries. Below is some data from our three most popular platforms. 

Graph of usage, up to 700 films

Alexander Street: includes American History in Video; Counseling and Therapy in Video; Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video; Ethnographic Video Online; Human Rights Studies Online; Psychological Experiments Online; and the PBS Video Collection.


Films on demand graphs, 2014-2017

Films on Demand: Over 10,000 documentaries, dramas, and newsreels from the world


Graph of Kanopy usage, up to 200 films

Kanopy: Currently streaming about 200 documentaries, feature films and instructional films to the John Jay community.

(Please note as of 4/19/2018, for financial reasons, we have had to cease our PDA model and are no longer able to offer our users the ability to choose and add more videos to our Kanopy collection themselves.  Our access is currently restricted to films users have already viewed sufficient times to have triggered licenses. Faculty wishing to request special access to specific titles should contact the media librarian Ellen Sexton. Please note that New York Public Library provides access to a much larger collection.)


Top 12 videos from each platform for the calendar year 2017

Platforms: Alexander Street, Kanopy, Films On Demand.


Collection / distributor 



The Disappearing Male: Environmental Threats to Human Reproduction

TVF International


Films on Demand

Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity

Illumination Films


Films on Demand

The Sociology of Crime and Deviance

Online Classroom Ltd.


Films on Demand

All About Food Additives

Video Education America (VEA)


Films on Demand

The Abused Woman: A Survivor Therapy Approach

Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1


Alex St

Mississippi Cold Case: Solving a Murder from the Civil Rights Era

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.


Films on Demand

The Official Story

Janus Films (The Criterion Collection)




Cambridge Educational


Films on Demand

Interview with a Serial Killer

Digital Right Group Limited


Films on Demand

Eyewitness: Who Did It?

Open University


Films on Demand

Voltaire: A Concise Biography

Academy Media


Films on Demand

Heaven: How Five Religions See It

Crew Neck Production


Films on Demand

Taboo: Child Rearing

National Geographic Digital Media


Films on Demand

The Toxins Return: How Industrial Poisons Travel the Globe

Journeyman Pictures


Films on Demand

Multicultural Counseling/Therapy: Culturally Appropriate Intervention Strategies

Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1


Alex St

Understanding Group Psychotherapy: Outpatients, Part 1

Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1


Alex St

Understanding Group Psychotherapy: Outpatients, Part 2

Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1


Alex St

My Brooklyn

New Day Films



Cultural Competence in the Helping Professions

Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1


Alex St

Handel: Water Music

The Great Courses



See our Media Guide for more about the Library’s collections of documentaries, feature films, training films, and more, in streaming and DVD formats.  Please contact the librarian responsible for media, Ellen Sexton, with questions, comments, acquisition suggestions.

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