Gift Policy

What materials will be accepted by the Library?

The Lloyd George Sealy library appreciates donations of academic-level books in the areas of the Library's mission that conform to our Collection Development Policy. Due to space limits and staff shortages, only relevant materials can be accepted. Such gifts will supplement library collections or can be used to replace missing, damaged or outdated copies.
The following criteria apply to the gift books that CANNOT BE ACCEPTED by the Library:
  • Materials published prior to 2000 (Such gifts will supplement the library’s circulating collection. To donate rare or unusual relevant material to the Library’s Special Collections, please contact Prof. Ellen Belcher, the Special Collections Librarian).
  • Non-academic level materials
  • Subjects which are out of scope
  • Textbooks, except for new editions
  • Duplicates, except in special cases
  • Deteriorated, brittle and damaged materials
  • Miscellaneous issues or short runs of serials (journals, magazines, etc.)
  • Legal materials that need updating
Who do I contact with gift books questions?
Prospective donors should contact Maria Kiriakova, the Collection Development Librarian, either by e-mail or by phone at (212) 237-8260.
How to deliver the gift books to the library?
The books should be delivered to the library by the donor either by dropping a bag at the Circulation Desk or by shipping the boxes to the following address:
Lloyd Sealy Library, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Attn. Prof. Maria Kiriakova
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
If bringing the donations in person, you can use the 10th Avenue entrance (899 10th Avenue).
Unfortunately, the library has no resources to come and collect the books at the donor's place.
Please include the Gift and Donation Form (PDF) with your donation so we will know who to thank.
What happens to the gift books after they are sent to the library?
Books and other materials given to the Lloyd Sealy library become the property of the library. Gift books are carefully reviewed by the Collection Development Librarian and then either added to the collection, shipped to other libraries in need, or sold at the library's annual book sale. Sale proceeds are used to buy new books. Brittle, outdated and damaged materials will be discarded.
Does the library appraise the gift?
You must contact your accountant or appraiser or the IRS if you want to know the value of your donation. For legal reasons, the library CANNOT supply a monetary appraisal for donated books. Donors are acknowledged with an official letter thanking them for the support of the institution and stating the number of the books donated. Please fill out the Gift and Donation Form (PDF) so we will know whom to thank.
How are the donors acknowledged?
Donors are acknowledged with an official letter thanking for support of the institution and stating the number of the books donated. Please fill out the Gift and Donation Form (PDF) so we will know who to thank.
Bookplates with the name of the donor will be placed in books of extraordinary value. The details of the bookplate can be discussed with the Collection Development Librarian.
Does the library accept cash donations?
Yes, the library greatly appreciates cash donations. Most monetary donations to the library will be matched by a State grant which doubles the value of the gift.
When issuing a check, please make sure that the recipient's name is "John Jay College LIBRARY."