Request use of the library classroom

The Library Classroom is used primarily as a teaching classroom. The classroom is equipped with 36 computer workstations, an overhead projector, 4 smartboards and projectors, and a podium with a master computer. Special software (LanSchool) can be used to control the workstations from the master computer. Smartboard pens may be checked out from the Reference Desk.

The classroom is not open for general public use. Faculty may arrange for a library instruction class led by a librarian, or faculty may reserve the classroom for use on their own when they want to instruct their class about library resources or specialized software. Faculty or staff who would like to request use for non-instruction purposes in January, summer, after November 1 in the Fall Semester or after April 1 in the Spring semester may place a request. All other dates are reserved for purposes of library instruction.

Contact Prof. Kathleen Collins at to request the use of the classroom.

Software available:
  • Adobe CS6
  • ArcGIS version 10
  • LanSchool
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • PuTTY
  • Python version 3.3
  • R version 3
  • SAS version 9.3
  • SketchUp
  • SPSS version 22
  • Wolfram Mathmatica



Last updated January 2018