Best wishes for the future, Guillermo
Since 2008, Guillermo Meneses has been an indispensable colleague in the library. He has helped to maintain and troubleshoot issues with all the computers, printers, scanners, networks and other hardware and software in the library. He was reliable and reliably funny, humoring us with anecdotes and witty comments while fixing every technical issue imaginable. He was not only a great colleague to work with, but also a great friend to be around. Guillermo is leaving us this semester to pursue another career opportunity. As much as we will miss him, we wish him all the best in his new position and thank him for everything that he has done for the library.

We’re going to miss Guillermo tremendously around these parts. Besides the fact that he was extremely dependable and competent at his job, he was a complete joy as a colleague. Guillermo never failed to put me in a good mood. He has a wonderful sense of humor, but he’s also a philosopher. We’ve had lots of interesting and enlightening conversations over the years, and he always helped me to look at the bright side of things. He also made it clear to me early on that he would be willing to try any of my home baking. I’ll think of Guillermo every time I make cookies and will make a few extra in his honor. Thank you for everything, Guillermo! Your new colleagues are very fortunate. – Kathleen Collins

Guillermo has a rare ability to face a problem and then solve it without expressing any complaints. I will miss his friendly greetings and healthy smoothie drinks, chats about human nature and Mexican cuisine. His new colleagues will definitely appreciate his sense of humor and dependability. – Maria Kiriakova

Hands down Guillermo is the friendliest member of the library. First to smile, first to inquire about how you are doing and first to lend a helping hand. Even with things you should know how to fix on your own by now, he cheerfully steps in and finds and resolves the problem. Things will not be the same without him but we wish him continued success in his new position. - Maureen Richards

Saying goodbye to Guillermo is bittersweet: I’m sorry he won’t be my coworker anymore, but I’m pleased his professional expertise was recognized and awarded with a new career opportunity. While Guillermo’s tech gifts can’t be praised enough, his patience, good humor and open heart deserve to be mentioned as well. And, it is not just the library faculty and staff who will miss Guillermo: he has always been a student-centered professional who has worked with countless JJAY students as they navigated tech difficulties in the course of their academic endeavors. - Marta Bladek

Congratulations, Guillermo! You have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I was always able to sleep at night knowing that you are there to make sure things were working. You are a great colleague and a great friend. And now that you are leaving, I’ll be sleep deprived. With all that said, I can’t express how much I’ve appreciated your help during my time at the Library. I don’t know if I will ever find someone as loyal and reliable as you have been for the last 10 years. Nonetheless, you deserve this new opportunity and I know you’ll do great at your new job. You will have always have a spot in my heart. Please take care. - Geng Lin

I am happy that Guillermo found another opportunity that advances his skills and expertise, but I am simultaneously sad to lose a great colleague. Guillermo would reliably, quickly and calmly fix all sorts of technical issues in the Library while making us laugh with an amusing insight or story. Thank you for sharing your good sense of humor with us, Guillermo, and for solving our many technical glitches. We are going to miss you! - Karen Okamoto

First, I want to congratulate Guillermo on this new opportunity. I have no doubt you will excel and be a vibrant part of the CUNY School of Labor Studies. However, I will greatly miss your humor, conversations about life and the state of the world today, and all of the technical help you have provided. I wish you all the best and am sad to see you go. - Patrick J Raftery Jr

Guillermo is a hard worker who enjoys working in the library and understands the vital use of computers for library work, patron usage, and librarian vitality. He appreciates working with the library staff and patrons. Guillermo will be missed! - Marvie Brooks

It's been really great working with Guillermo all these years. I’m sorry to see him go but I wish him luck and all the best in his new position. -Mark Zubarev

Guillermo was always helpful to me when technical problems presented themselves in the library. He did it with a smile and a willing spirit. I greatly appreciated his assistance. Apart from that, Guillermo was fun to talk with. We talked about all sort of things, everything from the complicated relationship between Latin America and the U.S. to ways to promote personal good health and fitness. He will be missed at John Jay College Library. - Tania Colmant-Donabedian

Dear Guillermo, We've worked together many years. It's always been a pleasure. Thank you for your warmth, your smile, your willingness to help everyone. Speaking as a reference librarian, I am grateful for the many ways you kept our library computer systems running so smoothly. Even though I'll miss you and am sorry to see you go, I know you will do well in your new position, accepting the challenges and making the most of the opportunities. Congratulations and good luck in your new position! Warm regards - Lory Gallo

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