Evan Mandery holding his book

This Fall, the library has a new event series: Library Author Talks. We invite John Jay faculty authors to discuss their research process in writing their books. We welcome students, faculty and staff to listen and engage in aQ&A after each session. The purpose is to highlight the unique research conducted by our faculty as well as to inspire others in their research journeys. In this inaugural semester, we have already held two, well-attended and lively sessions. Professor Amy Adamczyk (Sociology) talked about her book Handing Down the Faith: How ParentsPass Their Religion on to the Next Generation and Professors Shonna Trinch and Edward Snajdr (Anthropology)shared the process of writing their book What the Signs Say: Language, Gentrification, and Place-Making in Brooklyn. In November, we will hear from Professor Mark McBeth (English) about his book Queer Literacies: Discourses &Discontents and Professor Ben Lapidus (Art and Music) about New York and the International Sound of Latin Music,1940-1990. In December, we heard from Professor Evan Mandery (Criminal Justice), author of Poison Ivy: How EliteColleges Divide Us. We have a full line-up ready for the Spring semester, too. The event takes place in the library classroom (2nd floor, Lloyd Sealy Library) during community hour and due to limited seating, registration is required. To register and/or learn more about the authors visit the library website. Contact Kathleen Collins(kcollins@jjay.cuny.edu) with any questions about the series. 

If you are a John Jay faculty member who has published a book, please let Collection Development Librarian, Professor Maria Kiriakova (mkiriakova@jjay.cuny.edu), know about it. 

--Kathleen Collins

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Evan Mandery holding his book